Tuesday 22 October 2019

When You are Through Sleeping with the Swine, Jacob's Ladder Will Appear in Your Dream (of Life).

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And... here we are again... day follows day... post follows post. The world spins and twists in an agony of global revolution; The Catalans are at it again in Spain. Chile is going off. Hong Kong is in open revolt against China and intensifying. Mr. Apocalypse is walking the world with his walking stick, lifting up the skirts of the dark underneath... uncovering, revealing, exposing. An apocalypse is a season of the Cosmos. It is in regular rotation, like our four seasons. Our terrestrial seasons are mirrored from The Cosmos, which has its own seasons. An apocalypse comes at the end of a cycle of cosmic seasons, so that all can begin afresh. This necessarily involves a great deal of pain for those who resist change. Change is the eternal constant. Change is the cornerstone of eternity. Stress is the biggest killer of human life. It may express in a variety of forms; acting on a particular organ, or the entire physical system ...but Stress is the initiator and stress occurs as a result of resistance to change.

If you literally did not resist change you would not die. “We shall not all die (sleep) but we shall all be changed.”

Cultures have seasons. This is why there is the rise and decline. History gives us ample example of that. Nothing external can be depended on and it is the nature of the deluded to rely on facets of the external manifest. This is followed by inevitable loss and disappointment. You attach your fate to that which you have put your faith in. I suggest that sentence be pondered.

You can't tell anyone anything if they are convinced they already know. This is one of the major differences between children and adults. Adults become rigidified and stop learning, except when trauma or some other life changing event comes into play. Christ admonishes to become as a little child if we want to enter the kingdom of Heaven. There is more to this than the state of innocence (presently under world wide threat). Children are ALREADY in the Kingdom of Heaven. They forget this when they cease to be children and their invisible friends disappear too (their invisible friends disappear? Yeah... there's something wrong with that sentence).

People come to the end of their lives, if they survive to the latter stages and often... senility occurs. There is an alternative to that called, “regenerated innocence”. You can have this if you are able to regain your child-like mind. It is still resident within. There is a deeper reason for the pedophilia virus that afflicts the corrupted elite. Of the many things that Satan hates, Innocence is at the top of the list. That is why there is such a push for the sexualization of children and for many who are sexually attracted to children, it is often a perverted effort to regain their own previous state. They're just going about it wrong.

Life does not have to be misery and it certainly is for many people and that number increases in direct proportion to the degree of Materialism that pervades the culture. Religions have become so corrupt at this point that anyone with any intelligence is driven away. They are often driven in a direction that harms them spiritually. Most every virulent atheist (with the exception of those attracted to evil for the joy of it) is as they are because of Religion and the many offenses committed by Religion, over the course of history. Any time I talk to someone who does not believe in living divinity, it always revolves around Religion. Religion is like the training wheels on a bicycle. It ceases to have useful function once you encounter the entity that it is created to celebrate.

Religions are like a suit of clothes. They are the clothes that Divinity wore at a certain time. Then time passes and the divinity is no longer wearing those clothes and now those clothes are worshiped and not the one who was wearing them 'once upon a time'. Divinity is a living thing. It is resident in you at this very moment. The truth is that you would not be alive otherwise. Let me give a manifest example. The Sun is the source of all physical life on this planet. If The Sun ceased to shine, all life here would end. EVERYTHING here is an expression of sunlight captured in form. Just as there is a material state, there are also finer and finer states that exist outside the reach of the narrow bandwidth of the senses. It is possible to live in one of those states, while still being resident here. There are those who do. I know this because I have met them.

If you study the world and what takes place in it, certain features should come to your attention. The World, if it is considered as a force, has a particular purpose and that is to fascinate your mind with what is to be found there. It also serves to awaken your passion, in respect of the items in its possession. The point is to hypnotize you into the belief that it is real. It is real in a relative sense but otherwise it has no permanence and your affinity with it renders you into a 'mortal state'. Everything comes and goes and... so do you. Out of this comes your value system; “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” That quote is part of a larger statement and what follows it is this; “The eye is the lamp of the body. If your vision is clear, your whole body will be full of light.”

It is a truth that we wander in darkness and that is because we wander blind and that is because of what leads us and where it leads. It is possible for you to reside in a living solar body and not have to be an animated corpse, walking moment to moment toward your departure. Here is one of the clearest expressions of insanity; when one is walking for a temporary length of time, through a world of temporary things, where all of their attention and love is placed upon what is CERTAIN to be lost and to depart and to be ignoring the alternative, which is literally, eternal life. The truth of this has already been put into evidence in the life of Jesus the Christ and others. Once again, I want to include that chapter from Autobiography of a Yogi, where Yogananda's teacher, Sri Yukteswar returns to visit him in a physical body.

The tale of Yogananda's spiritual teacher is simply of one of so many that I have experienced in this life that I can't even remember most of them. If you are a dyed in the wool materialist, or a religious fundamentalist, most of this will never even come to your attention. In fact, most people miss most of everything. It all just streams by, in an endless carousel of the objects of desire, wreathed in the smoke of appetite and interspersed with sexual fantasies, hopeless ambitions of mismanaged daydreaming, periodic bouts of anger and resentment, followed by waves of guilt and regret AND endless commercials for shit you don't need. Those are the components of the nature of ordinary existence.

You show up here, you have (if you're lucky) a short period of irrepressible wonder and outbursts of unrestrained enthusiasms, where Summer lasted for near forever and first love was so awe inspiring that no recollection of it even remains now and then... your world separated in two through puberty, which is the headstone for childhood's end. After that... everything changed and nothing lasted very long, except for regret and the pummeling shame that uncontrolled memory lashes most of us with. There are some success stories, many of them came at great expense to others. There were those whose special dreams came to fruition and they surely paid for that previous to. Then it's over.

One MUST regain their innocence and... as is ever the case with anything. One must want it more than anything else. When you are through sleeping with the swine and being drunk on bad wine, Jacob's Ladder will appear in your dream (of life) as it did for Jacob.

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly and the Beautiful are over and you go somewhere (apparently there are different places, depending on how you conducted yourself) and then you come back here again, to get that anticipated dream, or to pay for injuries you inflicted and on and on and on it goes but... here and there, some of us slip through the cracks of the material darkness, into an effulgent, incomprehensible, indescribable light of rapture and bliss supreme and ANYONE CAN DO IT! YOU JUST HAVE TO WANT IT MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE, just like you did all those other things earlier on. DESIRE IS THE AGENT OF GOD'S WILL.

It's best to forget about things like Good and Evil. It's a form of lasting Liberation, not to want anything. It is a Joy past description to be Self Contained. The oddity of it all, is that thing. That thing we are all seeking in everything else and not finding, is right there in the center of us the whole time. You might well ask, “How come it can take so many lifetimes to find it?” First off, it can't be found in anything outside of you and that is where the vast majority of us spend our time looking. It also cannot be had, unless you are that certain one who is permitted to have it because you cut your false self loose. Two things can't occupy the same space at the same time (unless you're a wave). There are the things, that the thing we are all searching for, will not abide among. Finally... you have to impress the one who facilitates its acquisition, or... you... WILL... NEVER... GET... IT. You have to impress the ceaseless watcher of your sincerity and inflexible resolve, after that, it's child's play.

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