Wednesday 6 April 2011

Spiritual Survival in a Temporal World; a Random Chapter.

{this is a sample chapter, written today, for the upcoming book, “Spiritual Survival in a Temporal World”; still waiting on the motivation to Profile the Rothschilds, while also waiting on a particular event that hasn’t surfaced yet. It wasn’t pinpointed in the first place; just a general but relatively specific time period. I was wondering about what to write today and it so happens that another event brought this post into being}

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Survival is a state of mind first and the result of the right information at the right time as well. It’s also a matter of Karma and one should never think of the outworking of Karma as bad. Karma has a lot to do with letting go and getting the lesson that certain experiences arrive to teach you. If you get the lesson ahead of time, then it is so much the better. You might want to think about that a little.

Yesterday I was in a local supermarket, part of a chain that competes with a much better chain, that I have the misfortune not to have present in my town. It’s not a far drive but I am often about expedience, given the reduction of hours in the day. Yesterday I bought some black plums that were 99 cents for the bag. I noted the cashier charged me 1.29. I pointed this out to her and she got up to go check the sign. I said, “It’s not important, this is just for your information”. This is not the first time this has happened in this store and I think it is company policy. They do this and when they get caught they want you to know it’s just one of those mistakes.

Today I went in to buy some Aubergine. That’s eggplant in American. The price was 1.99 a kilo. I had only so much change in my pocket so I took two and weighed them and it came to 1.16 kilos. I reckoned that would come to about 2.30 and with a couple of other items, I figured I had exhausted my available revenue. At the checkout counter, the woman charged me 1.46 for the Aubergines. My ordinary language skills are not the best and I didn’t want to get into a protracted exchange, so that they would get what they were asking. I just chalked it up to the universe. Over time, they still owe me more than that (grin). I certainly got my 30 cents back from the day before.

It was clear to me that the cosmos wanted me to see this happen on these two separate days, because I almost never look at the LED readout of items, as they go across the scanner. I don’t operate like that.

When my friend Glenn visited me last year, we went into that store and also the high end store at the other end of town. Each time we went through the register, there were events that were off the charts, as far as what you might ever expect. At the high end store, the cashier scanned an item, it recorded and then he looked up at me and asked, “What does this cost?” Glenn said that he would go and check. He went over to the juices and then wrote down the number on his wrist and showed it to the cashier. The cashier said, “Okay” and that was that. It made no sense whatsoever. At the other store, something even more complicated and inexplicable happened and Glenn was at the cash register for ten minutes, while the cashier counted all the money in the drawer. Meanwhile, I was out side and I had to use the toilet with extreme urgency. Finally I hot-footed it up the road to the house and completed what was necessary with seconds to spare. That anecdotal addition on the end is not necessary to the tale, I don’t think. Anyway, there it is.

What we call the material world seems to operate according to consistent patterns. Usually what you expect to happen happens. It’s all routine. You might have a pleasant or unpleasant experience but the money exchange feature is usually normal, or what passes for normal these days.

While preparing the Aubergine for an anti-pesto platter, a singularly large and fat slice jumped out of my hands and continued to get away as I danced with it. Then it hit the floor and rolled across the room right on to an untidy dog rug in the corner. I felt the surge of anger that wanted to break free and I realized that this was the reason for the event. I had no reaction at all. I retrieved the slice and carefully cleaned it and tossed it into the sauté pan. Every day we encounter things like this.

Wherever we go in this world there is stress awaiting our appearance and looking for an avenue of expression. During these times, forces in the material world are doing everything in their power to reduce the quality of life and to humiliate and oppress the public at every turn, while agents of these forces enrich themselves at the expense of the public they are mistreating. It has reached the theater of the absurd. Terrorists, who are no more than agents of your own government, have engineered tragic and ridiculous events in order to force you into unpleasant circumstances, while intentionally ratcheting up anger and animosity toward the Muslims and others.

You know that you are being shortchanged and stolen from at every turn and it makes you angry and frustrated and that’s the point. That is the very point, because the seemingly powerful agencies who are putting you through this, are themselves working for a consciousness that has been around a long time and which specializes in anger; despair, torment, want, loss and a gamut of injuries. The point of this is to take your mind off of your natural autonomy and freedom and to put your mind on thoughts of confinement, fear, outrage and a further gamut of such states of being.

The true intention of the forces, looking to make you insecure and suspicious of everything around you, is to take your attention away from the portals that are opening and away from the benefits of awakening. Awakening is not just about people being forced to see. It is about being made able to see yourself and others as you truly are.

You find that when you just wholesale reject the lies and pressures of those seeking to perform all manner of indignities upon you, that they lose their power to do so. You find that stores give you back your money and that money finds a way to appear when you need it. You find that what seems so normal and predictable can suddenly turn into awe-making and entertaining events. You find that you are given tests and opportunities to overcome the usual responses of your reactive mind and are then freed, by degrees, from the reoccurrence of these responses. Still the reactive mind and you are free.

I know it looks like some very bad people are in control of everything but that is an illusion that exists for those with the will and capacity to believe in them. They’ve got nothing. They’re trying to rattle your cage but you have the keys. Let them rattle an empty cage. When people suddenly come out of nowhere and impugn you or behave in a negative way, take the opportunity to be graceful and see what it gets you. Don’t argue about anything. Simply state your case and then leave it in the hands of the cosmos. It’s all happening for a reason. There are no accidents. There are only the degrees of your inability to see and this is caused by residence in the cloud of self-interest. You don’t have to be looking out for your interests all the time. Your interests are being looked out for. You assume that responsibility and you will get that responsibility.

The difference between the trusting nature of a child, who is always learning and who naturally understands, the only unified field reality anyone needs to know and that of an adult, who knows everything, most of which is wrong, is considerable and so are the pains and rewards. You are the victim of what you think you know and what you think you know is mostly based on what the world tells you and those things that happened to you via telepathic invasion, when you were too small to protect yourself, which is how you got out of childhood in the first place. Once lies are seated in the subconscious, they become real... as far as real goes. The weeds grow among the flowers and require an attentive gardener.

Survival has a lot more to do with perspective and perception than it has to do with apprehension and presumptive preparations. For most people, the preparations are going on in the wrong theater of being but that is because their being is outside of its natural house of residence. Every problem can be solved, the way knots untangle at the hands of the one who understands how they got made. The last person I would ask for advice would be myself, seeing as I am the one who got me into that position, or someone else who appears to be trapped some other way and thinks they are free.

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