Saturday 5 March 2022

"Now That I Made the Effort. I Can See This Is not What I Wanted to Do. Let's Go to The Video."

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I have decided to have an occasional vehicle to speak my mind about cultural doings or doings in the culture. Basically, I'm going to offer my opinion on films, series, events, and whatever else either inspires or offends me. I can tell you right off the bat, very... very little inspires me, and I am working on not being offended by what I tell myself is not real in the first place. Let's get right into it, shall we?

Earlier this week I saw something called “1883”. I'm guessing they gave him all the money to do it because “Yellowstone” had been such a success; except for this last season when Yellowstone sucked. I don't know if lightning hit a couple of times here and there, but it did not hit 1883. I wish it had hit it, right from the first episode. It is one of the worst film-making efforts I have ever seen.

We will usually include spoilers, especially if the film or whatever was a piece of shit. If you don't want to know how something turned out, don't read about it.

His chief actor is a pasty-faced bimbo who you might have expected to see in Beverly Hills 90210 or whatever the numbers are or Baywatch, of which I have never seen a single episode of either, but I know what they are. She is supposed to be 16 years old. She is SO WRONG for the part.

She can't act, at all. In fact... it is the single worst female acting I have seen in a film since Sophie Coppola was in Godfather 3, and never acted again. She went on, instead, to make unwatchable movies, but at least she wasn't the face the rotten vegetables were thrown at. I thought a similar nepotism must be at work here but I don't care enough to find out.

They waste Sam Eliot in this mess. He was the reason I watched it. This horrid creature who played the young lady; first she jumps into bed with some cowboy while a virgin and they aren't far enough from the camp so people hear them. Wait!!! Before I go on, I should say it is about a wagon train going somewhere west. It doesn't matter. It could have been on a submarine. It would have still stunk. The first boyfriend dies. So she moves on to having an affair with an Indian brave. Yeah! That happened all the time back then. People were REALLY liberal back then, weren't they?

Some Indian lady makes her an Indian brave's outfit that looks like something you would wear if you were a waitress at a Native American Hooters. Perhaps they have these at their casinos? She looked like a cos-play escort that you send to a Halloween orgy. The whole thing... ALL THE WAY THROUGH is ridiculous. I've seen them take liberties with the truth many times before, but... this time they went all the way round the bend. It is satire but not funny.

She can out-ride anyone, including the Native American (grin). At one point she gets shot in the stomach with what we are later told is a septic arrow. It goes right through to the other side. Next thing we know she's riding a horse again. Then it seems everyone knows she is going to die from the arrow later on, the way you usually die from arrows or gunshots; down the road a piece. She doesn't look like she's going to die from anything except exposure to public scorn. Regardless, her dad rides off with her to some place that another Native American told him meant Paradise and they sit under a tree and mercifully she dies a celluloid death. Why couldn't it have happened in the first episode?

To make the whole project even worse than it already was, this content creator who made the thing, a man called Taylor Sheridan (who looks like a GQ model and probably was in Baywatch or the Beverly Hills series) includes country singers, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill into the mix as main characters. I do not have time or space to describe for you the many ways they stank up the joint. About halfway through, McGraw looked like he was going to cry every time you saw him. Maybe it was that... by now, he could see how bad the series was going to be, or maybe he was working himself up to be really sad at the end over his daughter's death. If that was the case he started way too early as his Barbie Doll offspring hadn't even been shot in the stomach yet. I could go on and on and on about how bad this was.

It is almost worth watching it just to see how bad it is. I knew from the first episode and could not believe it had even been made. There were dozens of glaring errors, misrepresentations, and bad dialogues in every episode. Some of the father-daughter, mother-daughter conversations were almost bad enough to make you want to hurt some innocent creature the way watching this hurt you. It's enough to make you want to kick your dog. It's that bad. At the end, Sam Eliot... who, all through the film looked like he should be sitting on the porch in his rocker at a retirement community, instead of on a horse, and who is crying about his dead wife, through the whole of this pointless excursion. He gets to the ocean. They skip the major portion of the journey there. He is sitting on the beach, looking out to sea. The camera moves and he shoots himself. Nice... really nice. He should have shot the guy who made the film.

It is hard for me to watch many films because EVERY SINGLE ONE now has absurd, calculated race-mixing but little matching and with zero regards for the history of that place and time, whatever place and time they are revising. They have women doing things that even men can't do, and each film must include some fruit-music for the trans-humanists who insist on representation in the films. It is an astounding thing to see... this free fall into the abyss.

We cannot be very far away in time from utter chaos in a massive die-off or... some cosmic segue into a finer state of being. I suspect both will happen simultaneously, and at both wide... and narrow remove. It will be individualized and collectivized with surgical precision... and it WILL NOT be carried out by those who presently seduce and oppress us. This they are PROBABLY already finding out.

AS I am writing this, I am realizing that this is not something I want to do. I thought it was but I suspect I am wrong. I realize, by trying to do this that there was a reason I drifted away from such commentary in the first place. It used to be I often wrote of such things at Petri Dish, and most of the blogs were true to what the masthead said about it. Time has passed and I find NOTHING but God and his kingdom to be worth my talking about. I had always been talking about God and sundry (grin), but everything else was there too. Everything else is not there as much anymore.

I think what I will do is what I was doing already, and that was to include mention of films and the like at the end of the posts and before the links that follow, now and then. I will simply rate them according to my internal abacus.

Well... you never know until you try, and now... I think I know by having cooked with fire. Let's just forget this ever happened, shall we?

I have seen some entertaining efforts recently. Space Force with Steve Carrel was a mixed bag. Sometimes it was Dr. Strangelove-like and really funny. Sometimes it trended inexplicable as if the writer and the director had lost the plot. Overall... it really was funny here and there.

If you are a fan of Lee Child's, Jack Reacher books, and thought that Tom Cruise was a bad fit, I can recommend the first season of “Reacher”. They REALLY got the character right. This guy looks and acts like the Reacher in the books. It is startling how close this is to the book. It might not be your cup of tea, but if you liked the Reacher books, you will REALLY like this. It may be the most authentic representation of book-to-film that I have ever seen. DO NOT READ ANY OF HIS LATEST BOOKS as his son is writing them and they are terrible. I had to throw away the one I accidentally bought. I even tore it up before I threw it in the trash so that no one would find it among my effects when I disappear for my native planet.

I rewatched “Fallen” with Denzel Washington. This is a well-conceived and well-executed film. It was well written, cast... acted, and directed. It's a supernatural thriller that deals with demon possession, so... be advised.

Along with my regular readings of Master Aivanhov, I've reread some old classics, and if you are of a mind for escapist entertainment. I recommend “Lord of Light “ by Roger Zelazny. It's an interesting take on the Hindu Gods.

Now... I see I can't do this. I'll find a way of just listing... making two lists of like and dislike. The reason for doing it is to excoriate certain sectors for slipshod work and to inform the reading public, and perhaps save them valuable time of what's left on their life meter.

Thanks for bearing with me.

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