Sunday 6 October 2019

"It Weaves like a Poisonous Snake through the Concealing Shrubbery of Reverse Kundalini- Sodomite Frottage Land."

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As many of you know by now, Facebook has banned Smoking Mirrors for violating Community Standards. They didn't say how. This is something I have shown a real talent for through my life. It had been truly upsetting to me that nothing had happened before this; given that they are insidious reptiles who take their marching orders from Mammon and are working, alternatively, for the robotization and destruction of the culture ...and the human race, by LOWERING THE STANDARDS OF HUMAN DIGNITY and portraying us as mindless, appetite driven animals. They have also waged an all out war against Normal and Normal Behavior; working to criminalize the use of words and the portrayal of thought and opinion that goes counter to the transgender lunacy that is being set as New Normal and which is being force-fed into the minds of American (and international) youth through the bankrupt and corrupted education system.

Cursive writing is no longer taught in 36 states. The ones where it is taught are all in The South, or right next door. These are the states where Christianity still has a strong presence. Strangely enough, out of the blue, cursive writing is coming back here and there. This egregious assault on human intelligence is one of the effects of Common Core. What most people probably don't know is that Common Core is the chemical vat-born, demonic brain child of Janet Napolitano. She was also head of Homeland Security under Bwak! Obama, was Governor of Arizona and now runs the Kalifornia Colitch System (into the ground). She's serious Deep State. Here's a little something to give you a brain hummer about Higher Education in Kalifornia.

There is an incestuous cluster-humping going on off stage and it involves a bizarre deportment that apparently (logic and reason tell me so) is a REQUIRED feature of being a member of The Satanic Glee Club. Ironically, being able to sing is not a requirement. Aspects of this bizarre deportment include, but are not limited to, Pedophilia, Ritual Child Killing, Consuming the Flesh of Children and killing anyone who gets in their way.

There are some very heavily financed and politically powerful individuals and organizations that are relentlessly driven toward the suppression of Free Speech and Personal Freedom of Expression. Here is an in depth article that names names and ties together portions of the web, upon which the bloated and blood drunk spider of sexual darkness feeds on its victims. This is followed by Part 2 which details further on this conspiracy against Normal. You can kid yourself about what's going on but it doesn't change the fact that it is going on. There are DETAILED exposes on The Velvet Mafia and YES... they are almost exclusively Tribe Members. Here on Page 44 you can find an incisive work by Mark Ebner on the whole whoop de do. He was blackballed in the industry for years, following the publication of this article. This is a serious work that weaves like a snake through the concealing shrubbery of Reverse Kundalini- Sodomite Land.

Of course... the specter of the invulnerable offspring of a nation state, created solely for criminal enterprise, is precipitating more and more into palpable form; set free to act with impunity upon anyone in reach.

The truth is that it's not only what it is but it has spread out into every area of human expression and one has to tip toe through the land mines these days, to survive to the point where they get heard. Usually you don't and certainly not in the mainstream, which they own entirely or control by indirect means of threats and blackmail. I arranged my life in such a way that these monsters could not take anything from me because I don't have anything to take. Sure... they can slander my reputation but they would have to let me out on one of the main stages in order for me to get a reputation they can slander. Heh heh... so it goes and... Godspeed!

It is far worse than is being painted or linked to here. These depraved specimens of a corrupted age are as deep into iniquity as it is possible to get. They lack all conscience or restraint. For the moment, they don't see the need for either. A conscience seriously impedes their ability to break every Law of Nature and to act without regard for anything or anyone and... restraint??? Who is around that is in a position to compel restraint from them? So they think ...but... time and circumstance have, changed without their having noticed it, so great is their hubris and delusion. The Apocalypse is upon them as they WILL SOON SEE.

God is patient and long-suffering, as God is also resident within the forms of everyone abused by the offenders of our times. Judgment Day approaches.

It is difficult for the human mind to find a sense of succor and balance, in the uproar of this transiting age. Every area of life is out of wack. One CANNOT impact on the wider world to any marked degree, unless they have been gifted with rare power or position. Even then, the likelihood of positive outcome is very rare BECAUSE the preponderance of those with great power or position, is decidedly and observably on the dark side. This is going to change in a remarkable way... soon. You see glimmers and flickers of light, breaking through the crystallized shadow. The spiritual dawn approaches, now on the very edge of pending despair, when so many have given up hope, as they see all around them, the mass of humanity, faltering in the murk of the material swamp. Their cellphones buzz like flesh eating locusts. They feed out of fast food troughs. They waddle through wide aisles of endless products, whose ingredient list reads like an Eastern European telephone book. Life has become reality TV on the Walmart channel.

The largest bandwidth on the internet is pornography, which... strange as it may seem, is owned by the same people who produce all the other entertainments and who control the degree of truth permitted in the media. If you have the brass to say anything (and few do), you are greeted with this.

They freely admit it. They even brag about it. What are you going to do anyway? Even with the truth front and center and also on either side, even with the heavy, unliftable weight of the evidence of who did the 9/11 attacks, even with the easily disproved greatest blackmailing fantasy ever committed, it seems to make no difference. Why is this? Manifest existence is a drama. It needs contrast and duality for balance and the necessary tension of light and dark for its moral play. So... in each stretch of recorded history, one people is designated to get the keys to the candy store. This means they can do good and they can also do evil. Depending on the level of integrity in the population (and in them), upon that depends the character demonstrated by the people with the keys to the candy store.

People have come to their wits end in wonderment as to how it is that out of the same group of people there come both such terrible monsters and such gifted individuals. They got their hands on a magical system that was originally intended to allow one to converse with angels and perform extraordinary acts. Unfortunately, due to the influence of this darkest of all periods of time, the magical system was reversed and used to converse with demons instead and to perform offensive acts against humanity. This is also why, in that criminal nation, blood sacrifices are required on their religious holidays because the deity they serve is an infernal character.

Not all of the people of this genetic code are evil. There are those among them who do wonderful things but there has been a turn for the worse as we approach the Judis Apocalyptus.

If... in the world, through indifference, cowardice or reduction of sight, through increase of appetite, the population cannot see what is patently obvious... that is too bad. It is hard to defend yourself against something you can't see, whatever the reason for that might be. For those of us who can, it is clear (to me) we must keep pointing it out. The possibilities always exists that it might prove helpful to have done so.

Here is what I do... during this time... on the way to cosmic epiphany. I cast all thought out of my mind, until my mind is empty and all that remains is the author of mind. I maintain a state of not knowing and as a result, I am informed of what I need to know when I need to know it. I pray often. I meditate often. I press down upon my heart that the wine of love may be extruded. I deny all sense of self importance and praise, as often as is possible for me to remember, the Supreme Master of all Life, seen and not seen, here and not here. I read from the works of the great teachers of humanity daily. I watch with care, my every thought, word and deed. I make regular errors and... I correct them immediately, when it is possible, or carry the lesson with me, when it is not. I remind myself constantly that the world around me is a veil of appearances, stretched like a curtain over the everlasting light. I remind myself that appearances are a lie and none of it is real.

At no time is my motivation to offend anyone. That this will occur, I am certain ...but the chips must fall where they may and the truth spoken, or I could not live with myself. I say nothing that I cannot PROVE and that is why I was able to deny something in the country where I lived for years and where it is a prison sentence to do so and... nothing happened. They prefer to marginalize and ignore me. How much damage can I do with such a limited profile? This is what they think. I agree but I am not the one they need to worry about and he... he is on the way, if not already here, waiting for the opportune moment to declare his presence in the hearts of the willing and the minds of the unwilling. I await that moment with all the Faith, Certitude and Determination I can muster.

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Seymour Photonous said...

Well said Les. I fear it runs even deeper than you have been able to illuminate with your lamp, as they seek to destroy the entire human race by its spirit and soul and terminate this cluster of souls as viable beings emerging together in this moment of our father's timespace.

Why? They have pressed themselves into a corner, where the crimes against this clutch of humanity are so egregious that there is no way known they can let us out to grow up and mature. This is why Agenda 21 is on the table. Not so much to preserve wilderness areas, but to depopulate the planet of its mass of living soul before it can wake up.

They have committed the most egregious crimes against humanity in the form of the physics fraud, war and the ensuing energy extortion racket.

There is an aether! And Special Relativity is a top tier fraud contrived to make it disappear. The universe provides us with a free abundance of energy and our entire society have been denied this clean source and have to put up with suffering the filth of burning mineral oils and paying a premium for what is low cost and free to produce. Now they give us this green BS and global what warming?

We have a lot of mud to wade through before we are ever going to get out of this bog hole.

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