Thursday 17 October 2019

A Few Things I am Probably Going to Regret Saying about Aspects of Pocketnet.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I'll admit that I don't know what's going on in its entirety. I only know what presents itself to me on the surface and then what my Reason presents to me; what my Logic delivers through my internalized Socratic dialogue and most importantly, what my intuition provides me with.

I came to Pocketnet this morning, as I often do and I had been coming here for a few months because, regardless of the perpetual waves of Trivia that I am exposed to there, I invariably encountered bright spots of articulate intelligence, as well as information I hadn't previously encountered. Sometimes there were well thought out graphic images of ironic sound-bytes. I'm not into the Lazy Twitter, armchair Budweiser sots, who need a shopping cart for their potbellies, as they push through Walmart World, filling them with toxic, industrial, salt and sugar comestibles, guaranteed to do worse than kill them, before they kill them.

I never joined Twitter and I won't. I'm not a Twit. I still have an amount of Dignity, Integrity and aspirations to Honor. I try EVERY DAY to be a better person. Sometimes I am furious with myself, not having accomplished more in that respect by this time. Life is hard; can be hard ...but it is NEVER SO HARD as when you are TRYING TO CHANGE. That is why so many people give up after the cursory foreplay, in the pitched, sexually magnetic battle between opposites, that then cross over each other like legs and break their nose. There is a dangerous myopia that sets in when you get too close to something you badly want but have misidentified as something else.

Today was a trial for me at Pocketnet. Maybe it was just today, just this morning and... it will change later on. The larger saner part of me says, “No” but I am willing to ignore the handful of shit and wish upon the handful of hope.

I KNOW THIS POSTING IS GOING TO DEEPLY OFFEND SOME PEOPLE. I'm sorry about that. I've only got two choices. One is to tell the truth and the other is to rise above the scrum, rise above the moshpit of stupid, that wars against itself, in the hateful turf wars over non existent landscapes. What do I gain in argument with people whose entire identity is built around erecting a support structure for personal hallucinations? People who are dead wrong about things they don't understand are not likely to be swayed by evidence of the real, which can't be directly presented anyway but only hinted at, in the hopes that an effort will be made to ruminate thereupon. Good luck with that!

Yes, I could rise about it. That is what I have been trying to do and to not react as was the case in times past; to take the high road and keep my own council but... it seems like... it feels like I had better get this off my chest, however much it may wind up costing me and I'll feel better having done so. I am convinced that I am NOT THE ONLY ONE who feels like I do. So... let me preface this with- I'm sorry for what I am going to say but... here it is.

What I saw today was... unsettling commercials for BACON and PORK, cutesy cat pictures that belong on preteen social media, arguments about what name God is going by, endless hammering on crypto currencies with ZERO useful information, really stupid and pointless cartoons, cutesy animal graphics- Photoshopped with captions. Then there is the YouTube guy with no lips, whose personality is so off-putting you can't even listen to what he says.

Then there are the Fundie Zombies, who maintain that EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING that is not a literal extraction from a book that has been spindled, folded and mutilated a zillion times, is the work of The Devil who... by the way, works for God. Fundie ignorance is ONLY exceeded by that fabricated, smug, self righteousness that is the most valued possession of those whose greatest spiritual and intellectual achievement is knowing that 'YOU' are WRONG ...and whose utter lack of humility in the consideration of that Ineffable, Unknowable, Incomprehensible Wonder of Everlasting Splendor and Beauty is... is... DEFINITE PROOF that they are NOWHERE NEAR that which they can't shut up about.

Then there are over a dozen announcements that crony, political hack, Elijah (snort) Cummings moved on to his next port of call, with ZERO commentary. This is one of the most consistent and unfortunate realities about Pocketnet; people are so fucking lazy that they can't be bothered to write more than a Twitter minimum, if that. They spend their days, packing the Pocketnet Scroll with one cartoon of stupid pet trick pictures after another, accompanied by a one liner and that serves to jump their Reputation and POC resources. On and on it goes...

There are a handful of REALLY intelligent, compassionate, thoughtful people here, unlike anywhere else I've been and I hope I don't burn my bridges with them but I'm not going to let that deter me from saying what has been increasingly more and more on my mind at Pocketnet. I have ONE identity there and I use my real name. That's me. I don't insist on the same from others. Everyone has their reasons and some of them have 'hostages to fortune'. I wrote off ALL CONSIDERATIONS on that account when I took this road.

The stench of Fear and Paranoia in this world is at a crisis point and the level of stupidity has reached a point, where furrows have had to be dug below the Limbo Bar. The Inarguable Truth is that GOD HAS EVERYTHING COMPLETELY UNDER CONTROL, no matter what it may look like. Our single biggest problem is that our Faith is not equal to the full and permanent recognition of that. God made this world to EXPERIENCE HIM/HER/ITSELF in manifest creation. Life IS for THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION. That's it! I don't care how many angels you dream up to engage in convoluted, dances, upon the head of a fabricated pin. I don't care how dense and complex your philosophy is, how clever your wordplay is, how anything you whatever are. If you don't get that, YOU WILL ...because that is the purpose of demonstration, PERIOD. You will get it, one way or another and it will probably hurt a bit.

A veteran member of Pocketnet reached out to me because I had posed the question, “Why, when I have, ON AVERAGE, nearly double the 5 star votes that regular residents of Top Posts have... why am I never on Top Posts?” First... let me say, I don't care a wit whether I am there or not. I simply dislike mysteries and when I encounter one, I am a Jack Russell Terrier about it. I just don't quit until I have an answer, or I discover it cannot be answered. I am like this to a pathological degree. This veteran member told me that the Top Post thing is controlled by an in house, Pocketnet Mafia. It's like the George Carlin line about The Club; the exclusive club that exists and “you are NOT a member.” I kind of had already figured this out when Pocketnet told me they have nothing to do with it.

The thing is, I don't go to Top Posts at all. I did when I first got here and occasionally I drop by for less than a minute but I almost exclusively stay in All Posts. There's no difference between what you find at either site and there is more copy at All Posts, so I go there and this has nothing to do with the rest of this posting, it's just something I thought the rest of you should know.

Yeah... there's no reason for me to write another word anyway. I've already said all I have to say and now I just repeat myself. I do this because, for whatever their reasons are, there is a substantial number of people who read it and it's what I do. It's what I do. John Lennon once said, “I'm a musician. It's what I do. I could bang two garbage can lids together and make music.” We do what we do and what we do is what we are; “by their works ye shall know them.”

I love God more than anything and that is only going to increase. I don't love any particular versions of God and everyone who does have one of these versions, argues about it. You CANNOT KNOW GOD. You can ONLY perceive God through his primary vehicle of expression and that is LOVE. Therefore, Love as consistently as you can and you will become that. Then you will be informed of all the things you could never discover on your own. You WILL BE INFORMED.

I wrote another post and it has sat here for several days. It was a good post but... something wasn't what it was supposed to be (in my mind). So... I sat down and wrote this because this is what was on my mind and all of a sudden I feel better. This has been rolling around in my empty head like a marble and every day it annoys me more. I KNOW I can't make people be other than what they are. For some people, cutesy Post-it notes are what they do. Unfortunately, this clutters up the place and you have to wade through all the flotsam and jetsam until you find the pearls and I do... and I do find the pearls and I want to personally thank those of you who have been a delight to me in the time I've spent here. I won't name names because I will leave someone out. But... thank you.

I don't know how much more time I want to spend around Pocketnet. Everything externally informing is all running together in a Mulligan Stew; jabber, jabber, jabber and I'm just as guilty as anyone else. I'm trying to be relevant and talk about THE ONLY IMPORTANT THING and that is GOD. Wherever I wind up, that is what I will be doing. Everything else is bullshit. I only even mention anything else so that I can tie it into talking about God. It daily astounds me that more people do not get it. The Glory and Splendor of the Divine is everywhere to be seen and experienced but... because of Materialism, most of the people on this planet are in a feeding frenzy at the Sensory Smorgasbord and all they want to do is eat and fuck and own shit and control each other, until they are old (if they get that far) and everything hurts and then they die. Then they come back to do it all over and over again. It is insane.

Alright... I've said most of what I had to say but now I'm tired of going on about it. I apologize in advance if I hurt your feelings. Just so you know, you have hurt my feelings too, by diminishing in my eyes what you could be, by behaving like chipmunks chattering on a dead, fallen tree. It's my fault for expecting more. It's not my place to police people's social intercourse, I have only to move down the block. This built up in me and I probably did myself no favors by posting it. However, post it I shall.

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I love you! Thank you. God bless you Vis. You are doing a great job.

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