Sunday 27 October 2019

Mr Apocalypse is The Caller as the alt-sex Dancers, Allemande Left off the Cliff's of Darwin

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Modern Society, in the grip of Materialism, is an offense that is visited upon Nature, through the vehicle of what is called civilization and the outcome is that Nature is distorted into an artificial construct that makes men effeminate... Balance goes missing and the result is an ever increasing perversity of sexual expression. The rot of corruption appears and the moral compass goes awry. Then comes the sexualization of children and a War on Innocence.

Civilization is humanities reaction to pain.

The political arena becomes the playing field for rich men, who have surrendered their souls for gain and who subsequently have no presence of conscience. Laws are passed for ever greater degrees of permissiveness. There's money to be made in that. It's drinks all around, at the high table, for lawyers. The Fallen Angels dance in celebration for the depravity of humanity. Evil is performed for the sheer joy of it.

Those whose job it is to fabricate history and misrepresent the present, arrange for what never happened to be a common memory and justification for all that follows. The journeyman psychologists and diseased psychiatrists, rewrite The Book of Normal. They proceed with Byzantine minutiae, in a dance of intricate convolutions, which make right and proper every excess and indulgence, while casting a baleful eye and official censure upon every aspiration for a better world.

The sane and righteous among us are shouted down, accused of every heresy their critics can invent. Men and women shove one another aside, in a frantic rush to proclaim their fealty to the Gods of this world. Any other devotions, or thinking to the contrary, are determined to be anathema to the public good which... has nothing to do with the public good but everything to do with the climate of manufactured perspectives.

This morning I find that the administration is celebrating the alleged demise of a highly ranked, media bad guy, with commentary on him being a whinging coward. This was EXACTLY the same treatment I saw for fall guy Bin Laden and that great hero of Africa, Muammar Gaddafi. What wasn't mentioned was that ISIS was created by American and Israeli intelligence services, so it looks like we did (or didn't) bump off one of our own employees.

Every time I, foolishly, let myself be drawn into admiration for President Trump, something like this happens; a shameless publicity stunt. I am a huge fan of his accomplishments and a strong adherent, due to the horrific potential of his rivals for office ...but... I have to fall back on the unshakable certainty that it is The Divine Persona who is in charge of EVERYTHING that does and does not happen. I am then obliged to pray that he guide this president in all he says and does, for the good of this country. It's going well for the latter, not so swimmingly for the former.

If you are one of the remaining sane, in these times of general, pervasive madness, you are transphobic by default. If you are a consciously participating, upright member of the human race, you have to be default transphobic and all manner of other phobic. If you are FOR SOMETHING, you must also be FOR WHATEVER RESULTS BY ITS PRESENCE. If the Gay Agenda results in sybaritic grope-fests, in the moshpits of The Swamps of Entropy, in some Meth-infused bathhouse, where hundreds upon thousands, writhe in a sightless Hell of flaming darkness, is this some kind of PG-13?

If they march in celebrations of their behavior, waving their pierced genitalia in the faces of children, is this truly an example of the high road of social evolution?

Now we are provided with offenses against childhood and every tricycle it rode in on, via Drag Queen Story Hour, as porcine Halloween, cartoon characters, from the dark side of H.P. Lovecraft's nightmares, grope 6 to 8 year old children, rolling on the floor with them and Transpreading in fairy tale princess outfits, as their junk extrudes through pantyhose then... well, there you go, don't you? AND... if you say anything. IF YOU SAY ANYTHING, you're an evil NAZI, who must be shunned and possibly (as soon as it is legal) liquidated by all right thinking people who do want this in their backyard. WELL... COUNT ME AS ONE WHO SAID SOMETHING. PUT MY NAME UP ON THAT WALL OF SHAME, WHEREVER IT MAY BE. I WILL PAY THE STONE MASON TO INSCRIBE IT THEREUPON.

No one... much cared, once alt-sex dancers got the right to doe see doe in the privacy of their own abodes; live and let live but... it didn't stop there and so far it hasn't stopped here and it isn't going to stop until every straight (preferably white) male, willing or unwilling, is stripped naked and strapped over a barrel, for the passing pleasure of all and sundry. The operative phrase will be; “if they're old enough to stand, they're old enough to be strapped to the barrel.” It will be a modification of that old saw, “old enough to bleed, old enough to butcher.” which was one of those Red Neck Anthems from days of yore.

I remember being in Big Sur a good long time ago and I went into a bar. I remember standing at the urinal. While I did my business, I read the graffiti and came upon one I will NEVER FORGET, “Hippies are living proof that Niggers and Jews Fuck Dogs.” I was a Hippie, thankfully I did not have a dog. I'd already heard about the right wing types in that neck of the woods. Those words of depraved wit, from some hardscrabble philosopher, were all I needed to see to confirm it. What was more telling, was that the phrase had been left up and... from what I could see, had been there awhile.

Eventually, most of these alt-sex dancers, are going to Allemande Left off the Cliff's of Darwin but... for the moment, they and their Satanic handlers in the shadows, are fair capable of making your life Hell on Earth, which is the intended objective after all. I've often thought that one becomes a slave, when they cease to be their own master. Presently, humanity is well on its way to being enslaved. It's being enslaved by appetite and corporation stimulated, base desire. It's being enslaved through fear and its own cowardice to confront the encroachment of behaviors, fabricated to ensnare their children and turn their children against them. “Citoyen J'accuse”, was the calling card of the Jacobin's in Revolutionary France. It was another variant on “Burn the Witch!” and “Stone the Heretic!”

Remember the last scene in the Donald Sutherland version of Invasion of the Bodysnatchers? He turns and points with an open mouthed silent cry, identifying one of those who has not yet fallen asleep. Don't fall asleep, even if you do have to get out of Dodge.

Yes, count me in as one who is not going to be intimidated by feckless poltroons, whose only confidence is to be found as a Masked Pillsbury Dough Boy in a ravening mob.

I've been watching videos of late. Possibly I need to cut back. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND how these people became convinced of such absurdities. They are openly admitting to a desire to hurt anyone who fits into the wrong demographic of being alive. I haven't seen a white supremacist in I don't know when. I know the argument being used. It's called, 'playing the victim card' and that has been honed to perfection by a certain group who use it in every circumstance, who manufacture events where they can flaunt their victimization. In recent times, in France, when events of this nature were investigated, the facts showed that the events were fabricated by members of this very group, almost without exception.

There is a reason why certain people might want to gain control of a nation's money supply. There are reasons why one would wish to control the media, SO THAT THEY CAN CONTROL THE NARRATIVE, to control the entertainment industries so that THEY CAN SHAPE HUMAN VALUES AND BEHAVIORS. It is PATENTLY OBSERVABLE! This is ALL EASILY PROVEN WITH OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE. I did not invent this. I discovered it. I went where the truth led me. I am not happy to have found what I have found. How much simpler and easier it would be for me if I had discovered something else. Well... that ship has sailed. It is what it is and as Mr. Apocalypse perambulates with purpose through this world, more and more people are awakening to this truth, so there is a concerted and impassioned effort to steer the public's attention into ANY OTHER DIRECTION.

If we had to rely on our own power, on our own efforts, the battle would have been lost long ago but, in fact, the battle was won long ago, when The Master walked this Earth and demonstrated the Power of Love over everything, including Death itself. Now we come upon the time of The Harvesting of Souls. We are in the time of the new arriving age. The Throne of God is to be revealed to those with eyes to see. Shall some measure of us be caught up to meet him in the air? Will he simply, with his Angel Armies, vanquish all evil and drive it to its nether home? I do not know what shape it will take and there are VERY FEW who do. What I do know is that whatever shape it may take, it will occur. The Bat Shit Crazy that we are witness to in these times is ALL FOR THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION. We live in that time of the coming of The Lord and he will, assuredly, “trample out the vintage where the Grapes of Wrath are stored.”

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