Wednesday 6 April 2011

Spiritual Survival in a Temporal World; a Random Chapter.

{this is a sample chapter, written today, for the upcoming book, “Spiritual Survival in a Temporal World”; still waiting on the motivation to Profile the Rothschilds, while also waiting on a particular event that hasn’t surfaced yet. It wasn’t pinpointed in the first place; just a general but relatively specific time period. I was wondering about what to write today and it so happens that another event brought this post into being}

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

‘May your noses always be cold and wet’

Survival is a state of mind first and the result of the right information at the right time as well. It’s also a matter of Karma and one should never think of the outworking of Karma as bad. Karma has a lot to do with letting go and getting the lesson that certain experiences arrive to teach you. If you get the lesson ahead of time, then it is so much the better. You might want to think about that a little.

Yesterday I was in a local supermarket, part of a chain that competes with a much better chain, that I have the misfortune not to have present in my town. It’s not a far drive but I am often about expedience, given the reduction of hours in the day. Yesterday I bought some black plums that were 99 cents for the bag. I noted the cashier charged me 1.29. I pointed this out to her and she got up to go check the sign. I said, “It’s not important, this is just for your information”. This is not the first time this has happened in this store and I think it is company policy. They do this and when they get caught they want you to know it’s just one of those mistakes.

Today I went in to buy some Aubergine. That’s eggplant in American. The price was 1.99 a kilo. I had only so much change in my pocket so I took two and weighed them and it came to 1.16 kilos. I reckoned that would come to about 2.30 and with a couple of other items, I figured I had exhausted my available revenue. At the checkout counter, the woman charged me 1.46 for the Aubergines. My ordinary language skills are not the best and I didn’t want to get into a protracted exchange, so that they would get what they were asking. I just chalked it up to the universe. Over time, they still owe me more than that (grin). I certainly got my 30 cents back from the day before.

It was clear to me that the cosmos wanted me to see this happen on these two separate days, because I almost never look at the LED readout of items, as they go across the scanner. I don’t operate like that.

When my friend Glenn visited me last year, we went into that store and also the high end store at the other end of town. Each time we went through the register, there were events that were off the charts, as far as what you might ever expect. At the high end store, the cashier scanned an item, it recorded and then he looked up at me and asked, “What does this cost?” Glenn said that he would go and check. He went over to the juices and then wrote down the number on his wrist and showed it to the cashier. The cashier said, “Okay” and that was that. It made no sense whatsoever. At the other store, something even more complicated and inexplicable happened and Glenn was at the cash register for ten minutes, while the cashier counted all the money in the drawer. Meanwhile, I was out side and I had to use the toilet with extreme urgency. Finally I hot-footed it up the road to the house and completed what was necessary with seconds to spare. That anecdotal addition on the end is not necessary to the tale, I don’t think. Anyway, there it is.

What we call the material world seems to operate according to consistent patterns. Usually what you expect to happen happens. It’s all routine. You might have a pleasant or unpleasant experience but the money exchange feature is usually normal, or what passes for normal these days.

While preparing the Aubergine for an anti-pesto platter, a singularly large and fat slice jumped out of my hands and continued to get away as I danced with it. Then it hit the floor and rolled across the room right on to an untidy dog rug in the corner. I felt the surge of anger that wanted to break free and I realized that this was the reason for the event. I had no reaction at all. I retrieved the slice and carefully cleaned it and tossed it into the sauté pan. Every day we encounter things like this.

Wherever we go in this world there is stress awaiting our appearance and looking for an avenue of expression. During these times, forces in the material world are doing everything in their power to reduce the quality of life and to humiliate and oppress the public at every turn, while agents of these forces enrich themselves at the expense of the public they are mistreating. It has reached the theater of the absurd. Terrorists, who are no more than agents of your own government, have engineered tragic and ridiculous events in order to force you into unpleasant circumstances, while intentionally ratcheting up anger and animosity toward the Muslims and others.

You know that you are being shortchanged and stolen from at every turn and it makes you angry and frustrated and that’s the point. That is the very point, because the seemingly powerful agencies who are putting you through this, are themselves working for a consciousness that has been around a long time and which specializes in anger; despair, torment, want, loss and a gamut of injuries. The point of this is to take your mind off of your natural autonomy and freedom and to put your mind on thoughts of confinement, fear, outrage and a further gamut of such states of being.

The true intention of the forces, looking to make you insecure and suspicious of everything around you, is to take your attention away from the portals that are opening and away from the benefits of awakening. Awakening is not just about people being forced to see. It is about being made able to see yourself and others as you truly are.

You find that when you just wholesale reject the lies and pressures of those seeking to perform all manner of indignities upon you, that they lose their power to do so. You find that stores give you back your money and that money finds a way to appear when you need it. You find that what seems so normal and predictable can suddenly turn into awe-making and entertaining events. You find that you are given tests and opportunities to overcome the usual responses of your reactive mind and are then freed, by degrees, from the reoccurrence of these responses. Still the reactive mind and you are free.

I know it looks like some very bad people are in control of everything but that is an illusion that exists for those with the will and capacity to believe in them. They’ve got nothing. They’re trying to rattle your cage but you have the keys. Let them rattle an empty cage. When people suddenly come out of nowhere and impugn you or behave in a negative way, take the opportunity to be graceful and see what it gets you. Don’t argue about anything. Simply state your case and then leave it in the hands of the cosmos. It’s all happening for a reason. There are no accidents. There are only the degrees of your inability to see and this is caused by residence in the cloud of self-interest. You don’t have to be looking out for your interests all the time. Your interests are being looked out for. You assume that responsibility and you will get that responsibility.

The difference between the trusting nature of a child, who is always learning and who naturally understands, the only unified field reality anyone needs to know and that of an adult, who knows everything, most of which is wrong, is considerable and so are the pains and rewards. You are the victim of what you think you know and what you think you know is mostly based on what the world tells you and those things that happened to you via telepathic invasion, when you were too small to protect yourself, which is how you got out of childhood in the first place. Once lies are seated in the subconscious, they become real... as far as real goes. The weeds grow among the flowers and require an attentive gardener.

Survival has a lot more to do with perspective and perception than it has to do with apprehension and presumptive preparations. For most people, the preparations are going on in the wrong theater of being but that is because their being is outside of its natural house of residence. Every problem can be solved, the way knots untangle at the hands of the one who understands how they got made. The last person I would ask for advice would be myself, seeing as I am the one who got me into that position, or someone else who appears to be trapped some other way and thinks they are free.

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Anonymous said...

Heh, heh, good post Les.

Instant karma's goin'a get you and you and you



Anonymous said...

As always I love reading your posts, I get so much out of them and they really help me focus.

Lately it seems the more I focus on trying to hear the divine speaking, the louder the material world is, but I am going to keep on keeping on :)

Thank you for your work and I look forward to reading Spiritual Survival in a Temporal World when it is ready!

Joshua from Georgia

Anonymous said...

coincidence's,what you have just written their mr visible's was very close to a few things that happened to me today on my little journey round where I live,karma working out on the small scale played out in various different ways with various different actors...

nice stuff and I will have a couple of books off of you....respects neil

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a lovely piece of writing and lovely thoughts and inspiration :)

I wanted to share some of my experiences with you....

Money definitely finds a way of appearing when I need it. Last month I used 2 x 18 litres of cooking gas, but this month I'm still on the same tank which I connected 28 days ago!!

In supermarkets people often give me more change than I'm supposed to get and I usually return the excess, much to their delight and amazement. Often when I go to the check out to pay, the cashier or owner says, 'You don't have to pay for this item, take it as a gift'!!! (I usually refuse the gift :).

In Egypt it's common when we drop food on the floor to just pick it up, dust it off and toss it into the pot (heat kills the bacteria right:)

Sometimes though, in certain souks, the guys do try to overcharge me and I simply smile and say "No thanks" and walk away. I usually return to the stall later and the vendor has miraculously reviewed his price :))))

Zoner said...

Well said, Dog Poet.

Give them NO power, for they know not what they do.....mostly.

So many lessons, and eternity to be presented with them of course.


Anonymous said...

We're creatures of habit.
Our lives are series of habits.

To "stop the world," to quell the incessant mundane chatter of the mind, is a Herculean feat, a sorcerer's expert talent.

The only way for average bears like us to accomplish this is to replace the mundane chattering with spiritual chatter, because mind chatter will happen as surely as gravity will tug.

If one can accomplish even a minimal start (mantra, prayer, song, chant) in replacing the mundane chatter with spiritual chatter the relief achieved (reward) encourages greater desire for the correct way of thinking and seeing, feeling and hearing.
By practice, the desire for and the vitality of spiritual realization will become habit.

The laws of nature are, as Lord Krishna tells us, "insurmountable."

Now that we know this let's use this overwhelming constant, this insurmountable material energy as a sure and ready tool, an endless source of fuel for our spiritual exercises which become spiritual habits.

It's the least and the most anyone could ever do for themselves and everyone else.

Become a creature of spiritual habit.

Visible said...

I wrestled with mind chatter most of my life and I can now say that my mind is empty nearly all of the time. mantra yoga was a big help, along with yearning, as much as can be remembered to. Spiritual practices and good habits are no different than non spiritual and bad habits. They're both habits but one is far more rewarding. I'd have to say that gratitude is my most constant emotion.

Anonymous said...

I just want to say that I am "anonymous" bc I do not have a google account. I do not want a google account, bc they track you, and then sell the profiles. I do not care to hide, it's just that I don't like to be tracked by google, when they are not paying me.

That being said, the other day, I really got angry at one of your posters comments, and posted my outrage. Maybe I went too far, when I said that 911 was the sword of damacles, hanging over Israels' head? I don't think so, bc I really do think Israeli criminals took down our Towers. Plus, when I see body part stealing, or any sex slavers out of Tel Aviv, or the targeting of children in Gaza and the theft of West Bank and East Jerusalem, I tend to believe that criminals that would do those things, would think nothing of bombing two Towers containing 50K people, each, in broad daylight, while cameras rolled. Yes, I think Israel takes our tax dollars and hates us. Yes, and I think the same Bolsheviks did a lot of other horrible things to the USA.

I have read your blogs for years now, as a regular morning ritual. I love your skills in writing, and what you have to say. When someone sets you up, and then years later attacks you, I have to blame Israel. I realize that may or may not be karma, but if it is really crummy, I figure Israel is at the bottom of it, somehow, based on the actions of that bunch of land theives.

Well, anyway, you didn't print it. Maybe you won't print this, either. I just wanted you to know how I feel.

Peace. And, yes, my mom is a "holocaust" survivor, and my family was used by these people, as a "Burnt Offering" to their god, bc German Jews didn't want to move to Palestine. Why should they, they were Germans, unlike the cretins behind zionism.

Josey said...


On the subject of true tales. I was at my condo some years back. I had a set of special (to me) drinking glasses with certain stock market information and charts scrolled in gold across the outside.

I was being careful and had not broken any of these glasses ever.

For some reason I was moving them, the whole time thinking, I've had these for 20 years and need to be extra careful...that's hard tile down there, and one fell from a good 5 feet up, straight down onto the hard marble tile floor.

I was amazed, and said thank-you God for that fantastic dis-proving of all temporal physics.

The glass, tumbling end over end, landed fully on just the surface of the rim, but in nearly perfect contact, all the way around.

I was laughing, and jumping up and down in true gratitude, spinning around, saying "your-the man. That was great, I love you."

Unless you saw it, you might say it can't be, but I assure you "it be".

International Weapons Dealer said...

So check this out.

The Carlyle group directly lobies the executive government to go to war and SELLS them the military equipment for that war.

Blood money.

Money for death.

90% civilians.


Anonymous said...

Just beautiful, Les!
~ Miriam

Brian Crossland said...

Hi les, today I offer you my gratitude.

Neko Kinoshita said...

I'm more than a bit distracted by a most interesting blast of Karma from a most unexpected direction.

I have been “summoned” by what appears to be a criminal charge filed against the Catwing Kitten by the School District. They consider her to be in Violation of a State Law, but after having reviewed the referenced law, I cannot see how they determined a violation.

I would rather not say much more about this, until it is past. But I must confess that the divine is offering the most unique trials, and this has me most unsettled.

Wondering if I should float the dumpster back over the Mississippi, and watching the storm clouds blowing over the cul-de-sac,


Visible said...

I'm sorry to hear that Neko. All over that country they are making war on the public through administrative nonsense. I watched them tear up all of the basketball hoops from people's yards the other day... somewhere.

I don't know what the message is in this for you. I'll speak to my friends about it.

Anonymous said...

The one that bothers me, for some reason, is the "no clothes lines."

No clean clothes drying on the line,
blowing in the breeze, getting all stiff and having that what is it called again?
Oh yes, that fresh air smell.

What is more human than clothes drying on the line, on a tree, on the fence, on the river bank?

M. Rocknest (Em) said...

Anon @ 9:14 AM: You don't have to have a Google account ... use Name/URL (the URL is NOT required). It took me awhile to discover this. So pick a name, any name, and rise out of that anonymous pool into the land of the slightly identified.

Visible said...

And now for some seriously warped Rothschild propaganda.

Anonymous said...

"...You are the victim of what you think you know..."


As absurdly beautiful as it is absurdly sensible upon reflection.

Thomas said...

oh, Les, thank you, thank you.

So good. Looking forward to that book (which I imagine will be a sharp tool with which to open peoples eyes - after I've read it, naturally :)

Karma is sure. When I cook, and whenever I drop something, it's ALWAYS because of some "unclean" thought. It's truly wonderful to have reminders for disgrace so readily at hand. I laugh, and thank :) - when I'm not cooking, "unclean" thoughts are pointed out through stings of tension/light pain, bumping into something etc. and it's always a blessing to be shown/told/taught.

Becoming a plaything of Gods is certainly the best thing that can happen in ones life, IMHO. So tenderly and lovingly and CLEVERLY directed ones life can become, haha. Wondrous wondrous.

Love to aLl

(Neko: best of luck! Guessing and wishing you and your family will be helped)

Martin said...

Anon at 9:14 AM:

Visible did publish your earlier comment - I recall seeing it on the latest Petri Dish.

Use the search box on the right of the blog and look up Damacles - you'll soon find it.

MelanieStone said...

Ps: That was me posting at 7:39AM, I forgot to put my name :) I'll try the URL post next time. NEKO, I'm with you heart and soul.

neal said...

Maybe this is Karmic blowback from hanging out with talking coyotes and mystery cats. I still call them friends, I am growing new teeth, and my son's corneas are becoming lozenge-shaped (the optometrist is freaked), and I am re-learning how to travel on all fours. Becoming feral started with the thinking, I didn't think it would become epigenetic; and really happen, but it's not like the Morning Star didn't explain this clearly, during His last visit. The only Good Shephards I know are the hounds that never got facetime in the sunday school pictures, just cameos in old rocks.

Last year we received three letters from the OSI on official Pentagon stationary inviting my then 16 year old son to a free visit to Washington, D.C. to "experience the latest in military technology."
Needless to say, we did not respond.

Last week we received a letter from the Chinese Embassy inviting my now 17 Year old son to come to China to learn "the secrets of the Chinese Zodiac, with special focus on the Dragon."

We could show up, skip the official proceedings, and run on all fours to Tibet. We could come and visit on the way, just a grey one and a pup, with the mother catching thermals on those amazing wings- I'm just saying, we wouldn't want to be rude, it's not our way.

Ben said...

Les, All,
I've been working outside all day and only now have had a chance to read this latest blog. Once again, it resonates heavily.

My mind is often drawn to Scripture when I read Les' blogs and my mind was drawn to this today after reading the blog:

"Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things."

Les noted: "Wherever we go in this world there is stress awaiting our appearance and looking for an avenue of expression."

Does anyone think it a mere "coincidence" that airports in the U.S. run CNN News 24 hours a day?
Les further notes: "During these times, forces in the material world are doing everything in their power to reduce the quality of life and to humiliate and oppress the public at every turn, while agents of these forces enrich themselves at the expense of the public they are mistreating."

It has become so obvious, at least to many of us. May the Lord God open the eyes and ears of many more to the spiritual and close those same eyes and ears to the temporal.

I really like what Anonymous said at 8:29 AM: "Become a creature of spiritual habit." This is essential.

And finally, Les... please do not Profile the Rothschilds until the Ineffable has given you the words. These words will serve as part of the indictment read against them in the Spiritual Court. Once it has been read and noted in the Heavens, it will come about on this Earth.

Anaughty Mouser said...

"And now for some seriously warped Rothschild propaganda."

You know what, I think this could actually be a good thing for the world.

I agree with you Les, this story or ruse is credited to a man named Ruse - kind of like 911 was done on 9/11. My educated guess is that the zionist jews, including Rothschild himself, are tired and angry of being correctly identified as the "synagogue of Satan" in the same way a thief or a pedofile hate getting their name in the newspapers. It kind of curtails their futher criminal activites and their lives in general if they don't assume an alias.

But it is hard to really hide the fact one is a zionist.

So, try to discredit the messanger. Character assassination has always worked well against zionist-jew detractors in the past - Gibson and a list to long for this comment.

But here is the rub. The bible states clearly "to lay with another man is a sin", and that "the wages of sin is death". But the bible states clearly Jesus rose again and did not die, therefore he did not sin. No sin, nada, zippo. Had to be in order to be the lamb for all of our sins on the cross.

NOw I believe Jesus is alive. And here is where this ruse is going to help the world to come out from under the Khazarian zionists.

This is a gross case of libel and slander and I believe Jesus is going to return and clear his name. And when he does he will finally utter that famous sentence we all know in our hearts to be true as the whole zionist tribe is cast into the lake of eternal fire.

And when the son of God damns a people it is for real: "You that call yourselves Jews, but who are not, you are the synagogus of Satan."

When he comes back a speaks these words the world will be purged completely of khazarian zionists.

An act that has been confirmed impossible to do for any mortal person or group since 70 years ago.

This ruse by Ruse will bring the greatest response to false libel the world has ever seen.

And I feel fine.

Anonymous said...

I saw this video and was really moved. It's called "Dear Woman". It's an apology to the feminine for the horrendous acts of the patriarchy. I think you all will like it as well.


Anonymous said...

I love this place.

walking hawk

Neko Kinoshita said...

Thank you Les, and others too,

At this point, I am still trying to gain control of self, and reach for that quiet place where the guidance resides.

Still watching the clouds from the cul-de-sac,

Rodney M72 said...

From what I can see its the author [Michael Ruse]of the article (as well as those publishing it [UK Guardian]) that is making the joke - presumable he knows only too well the codices haven't been translated or even authenticated yet.

Anonymous said...

Had to laugh more than once here! Certainly found a personal correspondence in grocery store experiences, and in "knowing" a bunch of stuff that is wrong!!!!
Over the years have found my education to be mostly useful in regards to what not to do, what not to think, what not to judge, what not to conclude.
Honestly, I'm really unconvinced about this whole matter of Karma. On one level, it resonates very cleanly, but almost too cleanly.
On another level, it is just too delayed, too far removed from current action to have any but a distant and amorphous effect.
Is the Mountain Lion to be condemned to amass loads of karma for killing to live?
Is this the sort of thing that starts the whole cycle spinning? Honestly, I don't know.
I do however, know deeply that life pervades everything. Maybe that jumping veggie was doing what is normal when about to be eaten? Anger and fear, OMG! GET AWAY!!!!
I think we all can relate to that.
How much of being is human condemns us, like the lion, to our share of karma?
How much can we escape, as humans doomed to live in interesting times?
One thing is for sure, deep and powerful forces are at work every single day.

Anonymous said...

Commenting on Fukushima in today's Wall Street Journal, the head of the Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering at MIT states that "....A major public health disaster seems to have been avoided has been avoided, and the long-term impact on health and safety will be dwarfed by the devastating loss of life caused directly by the huge Tohoku earthquake and tsunami...".

The cheerleading for nuclear power has now entered into a warp-drive insane frenzy.

Anonymous said...

You make sounding crazy feel good!



Katz said...

I'm going to try the suggestion of Martin.

and, my apologies, if you did post that other somewhat angry retort to the previous poster. is that obscure?

cheers! :)
I feel like Steve Martin, in "The Jerk" when he found his name in the telephone book. I'm a person!

Ouzel said...

Thank you, LV. Beautiful.

Sometimes we do not see the wood for the trees; at others, we don't see the trees for the wood. You help us in both kinds of circumstances, linking the overarching and the specific.
And you do so do memorably.

I look forward to the book.

Thanks also to M Rocknest for pointing out how to use the identity option to Anon 9:14.

Anonymous said...

my chief weapon is knowing my own bad. lately Ive been swearing and cussing (to myself) in reaction to physical pain (knees mostly). I know its bad, I still do it. they say studies prove that this does ease the pain. but there is a better way. I'm workin' on it. thanks for the road signs.


DaveR said...

"Don’t argue about anything. Simply state your case and then leave it in the hands of the cosmos. It’s all happening for a reason. There are no accidents. There are only the degrees of your inability to see and this is caused by residence in the cloud of self-interest. You don’t have to be looking out for your interests all the time."

Nice bit there. I stopped arguing a while ago. I took a long look at what I gained from arguing a point and I always came up with nothing. Even if I win I get nothing. As soon as I see one coming my way I stop talking and if that's not enough I leave.

Pretty much the same with getting interrupted. If I'm talking with someone and I get interrupted a couple times, that's it. If they come back and say, "Go ahead, what were you saying?" "I forgot."

I did that with someone last week and she later accused me of not being able to make a complete sentence. She said it was because of alcohol. I didn't want to say that is was because I got tired of her prattle. People often use their mouths to create waveforms that make no sense to me - even if it sounds like English.

Which gets back to what you wrote above. Self- interest. Winning an argument, it seems to me, is all about self-interest. It's not about educating the opposing party, it's about winning. Since I can't win an argument (even if I win, I lose) my self interest is never served, so what's the point? Self-interest isn't worth much anyway. Who wants to be the richest guy in some cemetery? [W.S. Burroughs for that last, but true]

Anybody wanna argue with that? Go ahead, I'll get back to you some day... .

Anonymous said...

Great post as usual. Speaking of karma, I currently have 3 SPCA "rescue" dogs ( have had several others)and these dogs, although "high maintenance" give me so much love and pleasure....I feel like they are my guardian angels on earth. Anyway, over the past 2 weeks while driving to and from whatever, I have had 3 dogs dart out on 3 separate occasions in front of my car. Fortunately, I did not hit them and stopped, jumped out tried to catch them but they ran back to their homes where the owners got a scolding. Actually, 1 of them was with the owner who was riding his bike with the dog in tow but the dog had the leash in his "mouth" saw another dog and ran in front of my car to check out the other dog. I drove around until I found them and had a few words with the owner who could only say "thanks for stopping!" I don't know what this means but, it makes me sad that these dog "owners" are so non-chalant about this. If my dogs got out, I would freak out. They mean that much to me.

Prodical son said...


There's radioactivity in St. Louis rainwater.

Dog Poet please comment on the world at this moment. Your gift is really needed right now to channel just what the Divine is thinking and just how the situation is all under control and unfolding as it should.

St. Louis and ALL other North American cities will start producing deformed babies in nine months. Cancer growths will begin to manifest themselves even before that.

How is this situation all under control? The 'government' in charge is powerless to do anything except raise the 'acceptable' limits (sic). This is not a solution.

We need God to actively raise his hand and intervene. WE the people through are 'elected' representitives have pooched this world. And like the prodical son we need God to let us come back to the farm and get righteous again.

Can you contact Gos and ask him if we can come back? Many, many of us have sincerely repented for what we and our brothers have done and we would welcome the job of tending to the farm animals for no because we realise that is a job infinitely better than living out here in the radioactive sin laden world.

Please ask God to let us come back. WE see our sins. Ask him for mercy on our souls and those of our children. Beseech God to have mercy on us. Ask him what we need to do to be allowed to enter back into his gates.

Dog poet, who if not you, can make our petitions heard by God our Father. We know we have transgressed every rule God gave us. Ask God for us what we must do to come home. Are we left-behinds banging on the sides of the closed Noah's ark as the water begins to rise)? Or is there anything we can do to open the gates to our salvation out of the world we know we have destroyed.

God hear our cries and lamentations. Have mercy on our souls and those of our children. Help us in this moment of our epiphany of the death we have caused. Please let us come back to the farm - we will gladly muck shit if only you will turn us a kind eye and forgive us for what we have done.

Anonymous said...

Good post, good thoughts from others too.

That "Jesus was gay" article was really pathetic...

What purpose does calling a Teacher (and Living God) and his Disciples "gay" serve, excecp as an attempt to eliminate the concept of Teachers and Disciples? Same with trying to smuttify concept of friendships with the pathetic "Frodo and Sam are gay" jokes.

In the end of the article, notice what mr. Ruse omits: The Resurrection, and throughout it all he refers to Jesus only in the past tense. He only mentions the death for "our" sins...

Very much like the Levite/Pharisee tradition of the Scape Goat: where the goat absorbs the sins of the Tribe - as if bad Karma could be eliminated in that way. Woe unto them.

Snake Sage

Visible said...

A new Reflections in a Petri Dish-

Looking for Dr. Pangloss in an Orwellian Nightmare.

ptage said...

hey there,

some readings go straight to my heart. I know right away what is meant by those words. Happens with writings of C.G. Jung, Yogananda, Walsh, Steiner and your postings.

A classic Visible post:

Click here to watch and comment on Vimeo.
With gratitude to Patrick Willis.