Saturday 19 March 2011

In Hopes of What We Wish we had Seen Elsewhere

Dog Poet Transmission.......

Alright... I don't have any money but I manage all the same. People threaten to send me money and some promised me this or that but it got forgotten because it’s the thought that counts (grin). This isn't any kind of an appeal, I expect to eat today and I am sheltered in more ways than one. What this is about is part announcement and part definition of intent, related to upcoming releases soon to appear.

Through the blessed agency of some wonderful people, whose names will surface as the projects advance, we are in the process of releasing something like eight books, already projected; in paper, digital and whatever other medium there may be over the next few months. These projects are in active commission as I write these words. Also coming are digital reproductions of TV shows, music/songs, the works of Patrick Willis in collaboration with me and various and sundry.

These things will generate some income. I have no idea of how much but if the free downloads of things already provided are any clue then there should be some return. I suspect it will surprise me at some point and justify the efforts of those selfless and beautiful individuals who are making it happen on their own dime (for the moment).

You can see some part of the operation here as it evolves.

Money is funny and anyone who tells you different hasn't had the experience of having to wrestle with this extremely powerful source. The only sure way to protect yourself is to arrange what to do with it before you get it. I don't know that I would be concerned with this if it weren't for The New Shangri La. As you can see, we’ve not nearly so many members as it once appeared we did. An industrious soul has purged the ranks in order to protect the location and I suspect, along with the robot spammers, a lot of actual members got purged too and just haven't come back; mostly because people don't want to be involved in making something come into being, as much as they want to arrive with it already in action.

Everyone is welcome to set up a New Shangri-La wherever they are, so, I have no real concerns about membership apart from whatever may come into being where I am. Where I am I do have concerns and I'm not going to engage with anyone I don't feel secure about. I intend to finance my end of the equation and I think that gives me a certain right to guarding the door. After all, this is to be a template for others, wherever they may be, as an example of how to go about it. I believe I have the right ideas and I believe that those presently engaged with me in its creation also have some great ideas. I have already heard about some of them.

So, it is my intention that any money which comes in shall be divided a certain way from the gitgo. This is all after initial expenses, which I intend to honor at a percentage of intake as we go. You can't just pay all the expenses first because then there is no operating capital. You can be consistent and that is the intent here. The breakdown is that 30% of everything that comes in shall go to the creation of The New Shangri La, for the present it is intended to be based somewhere on the German side of Bodensee Lake. The Austrian side is okay too. We just don't want to be in Switzerland unless someone outright gives us the property there. 30% goes to worthy projects and to those who have helped in on the way to making me and these projects happen. 30% goes to me and ten percent is mad money for whatever; probably for gatherings, get togethers at Kumbhamela-like events, plane tickets for the needy, fun things and whatever. The influx of monies will be monitored by individuals other than myself and separate banks accounts and Paypal accounts are being set up for these endeavors.

I hope no one objects to my getting 30%. That's not negotiable (grin) but I don't really hoard or get into much gratuitous activity. I'll probably spend it like it all gets spent.

The New Shangri-La is going to start out small with selected individuals and from there it will operate with probationary terms for everyone else. In other words, we're not putting together a crash pad. People can come as guests without any real difficulty. Staying requires acting at the level of energy and involvement of the committed.

The general rules will be of the timeless variety and anyone who objects to them doesn't want to be with us anyway, or the human race in general. Projects of this nature often fail by trying to accommodate everyone; providing an anarchistic freedom that they can just as well practice on their own, which is what I think that means to begin with.

We are setting the whole thing up as some permutation of a non-profit trust so that people can give us things and there are billions out there sitting around that are not being used due to hoarding and some variation on the theme. You can see what happens when you promote total human freedom, especially sexual, in the case of Bhagavan Sri Rajneesh, who had around a hundred Rolls Royce's and hundreds of millions given to him by hedonistic trust funders. I know there are a lot of people that are fond of the guy and this is not meant as a criticism. I don't know how much of all this had to do with Ma Sheila Prem and how much to do with The Raj but it did happen.

What I remember are all the guys running around with machine guns alongside the Rolls as Bhagavan would drive away and the 50 gallon, burning oil drums for condom disposal. I recall the shaking in your seat, quasi-ecstatic kundalini arousal methodology that was more amusing than anything else and hearkened in it's way to tent revival meetings.

The truth is, whenever you make sex a hallmark of your operation and toss in freedom under the guise of some kind of pop spirituality, you are not going to lack for donations or an audience. Sex is at the basic root of all human interest and problems along with money and fear of death. I can just hear the justifications coming in from various sources concerning The Raj but they will fall on deaf ears, the same way as what I am saying here will.

The greatest girlfriend I ever had was a Raja-Nietzsche. She was my star crossed soul mate and I will always love her for being there in the years of my deepest need on so many levels. Interestingly, I met her when she was fourteen at a Sufi ashram and then we re-encountered a few years later, out of the blue. I didn't even know who she was; blew my mind. We were mostly inseparable for five years and I learned to appreciate certain aspects of The Raj through her. Her name was Svargo and I do indeed owe her a great deal. She falls into that second 30% if it ever shows up (grin).

We're not going to be selling sex at The New Shangri-La or even promoting the free dispensation of it. We're not going to be telling you what to do about it either, except for those eternal rules already mentioned. Money will not come so easily to us as a result. I'm not going to be sitting on a dais in white robes either but I will probably wind up doing a little Stephen Gaskin, Monday night talks sort of thing, now and again; probably all by myself in a room talking to myself with the door open, just like I do here. Informality and simplicity are the keys, along with natural autonomy. If you don't like it, start your own. What we will have is a fellowship of equals without the usual flacks that stand between you and whatever and decide who goes where and who sees who.

I hope this has been useful to any who are interested and I hope to see you there WHEN it happens, which it will. I don't know if we will call it The New Shangri-La, or Casa Amitabha or The Portal to The Devic Realm, Kennel of The Dog Poet (probably not-grin) or Joe’s Place; absent Joe. We'll call it something and we'll work hard and play hard and have fun at both ends. I've been there and seen it and I know it's doable.

Alright then, let's see what you have to say.

End Transmission.......

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Mouser said...

Greetings Les.

resort lady said...

Hello Les Visible,you already know that I'm on board with this grand project! Thank you for describing the vision and goals for the new community so clearly. It will be real Work, on many levels, to bring it all into manifestation, and it is so important that individuals feeling a desire to participate be willing to fully commit their energy and focus. The "crash pad" approach does not work out in the long run, I can personally attest to it. We have a unique opportunity to form a group of awake, conscious, like-minded persons who are working toward common goals and objectives. What a blessing! However, are you sure you won't want us to build a small dais for you...? I am really looking forward to the Monday night talks with Les Visible... Warm regards, Karyn

Visible said...

Heh heh, there you are five seconds after I wrote you to bring your attention to it. I don't need a dais, I'm 6'5" if I don't slouch. Anyway, casual gets the job done. I think we'll have a lot of fun with the back and forth, polishing each others chops.

Visible said...


Your mail is bouncing back to me. Hmmm?

resort lady said...

Hey LV, sorry about the email, probably too full this AM. I've received the following link to "The Wayseer Manifesto" from three friends already today, it's pretty powerful.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les and all,

I have a simple word for this place that we all are building here for now or now-here:


All of us are at the center of our own universe.

It makes it so much sweeter, like honey, when we have true friends to share it with.

Love to all,
DW in the Tahoe Forest

ps: it's snowing here now and for the next 5 days.
Will some of you seeing this supermoon in other parts of this earth please send their thoughts? I can sure feel it now-here.

N.W. said...

Talents- none that really matter, so far, except for those who paid proper attention.
I'm fairly versed in diplomacy with whirlwinds, animal magic, and temporary atemporal relocation (the wife, and others who have not become sort of lost, will confirm).
Been traveling since I was 15 (Going on 51), but it's really quite a while, now.
Spent 7 years traveling North America, learning from various hidden teachers about my questions concerning numbers, mounds, history in general, and the reasons for why I flatlined for 12 hours, yet here we are.

Walked away from that, only the really old wise teachers, the ones who didn't give up to the dark, would sit around and just speak and play games, not make war. We all seem to camp a certain distance from the rest, it's for their own good, trying to be considerate, not so much these days, with the price being paid, and so on.

I really don't know what to do, I rely on what we suspect is common ground concerning what is really earth, air, fire, water, and spirit, and the rest- I'd like to think that I also talk in pictures, using words. I like to use numbers, but this place is no longer a space for universal communication.

So there we have it, I will try to send this, it has been blocked by those that think they can.

May the road rise with you...

M. Rocknest (Em) said...

Just a couple observations. I like how the comments have date and time now. And I LOVE the new web designs -- kudos to Martin. (I finally learned to stretch the window to the right and push it off to the left to enjoy wider columns -- big forehead slap to me for not clueing in sooner.)
The Plan? One word -- excellent!

wv: abled - Wow wv spelled something right!

Martin said...

Thanks Dad! (grin)

Anonymous said...

A practical matter (in case it hasn't yet been considered):

What is now considered, globally, as "money" (but is really just "magik money" used by and for "sheeples" only - 99.99% of us) is most probably going away in very close future (if desired, see Max Keiser et al for some details).

Alternate forms of exchange should be planned for, starting -yesterday.

amarynth said...

There is some pieces posted on the current New Shangri La site - vision and structure and so on ... here

This is still open for comment.

We're planning a voice conference for Sunday, March 27th. The agenda is specifically membership of the New Shangri La. Basically the trust type structure will be flexible to be able to contain more than one Shangri La, internationally.

If you would like to chat and take part in the process while we work through the structural issues, the voice conference is the place to do this. Let me know on the Shangri La site beforehand and we can dial you in to the voice server.

Looking for volunteers to build a 'dias' for Les and sew up his robes ... uhm, and buy his mercedes! (grins)

DaveR said...

Interesting project, that's for sure. Here's an added benefit. Best thing I've read today, except Les that is.

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Kennel of The Dog Poet shows good to me. Just take carfe it's doesn't turn out to become The Kennel of The Dog Eat Dogs and God forbide the Dogs Who Eat Hot Dogs Kennel.

Sorry, for my sick American humor and for those helpful folks in the UK, I shall write, humour. My past brainwashing detox wasn't totally effective. ')

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