Saturday 22 November 2008

Spiritual Survival in a Temporal World, Chapter 13.

It has been awhile since I put up another chapter in this online book. The reason is that the site which has been hosting it has not been responding to my emails; more than half a dozen of them and I wasn't going to put another one up there unless I heard back so... here is a new blog which will feature chapters from the various books I am writing. I'll migrate the other chapters here over time and here is where you will find them for the moment. This is not what I had in mind for this blog but it will do for the moment.

There’s a debate on at one of my websites about whether one should arm themselves to the teeth or trust in the benevolence and protection of a God who doesn’t seem to have done much about the pervasive emerging evils of our time.

It might be best to define how the divine operates and the mediums employed on certain occasions. You’ll note that this does not require defining what the divine is. That is unknowable. We can observe the way water and fire behave and control it for our needs. We have also seen both water and fire get out of control. The same can be said of earth and wind. Each has their assets and calamities.

In humanity we can see similar features based on ignorance or awareness. It’s been the trend among leaders and those who manipulate the herd for profit that they seek to increase ignorance and limit awareness. They like to take the basic impulses toward religion and morality and interpret them in a confusing and absurd manner which provides the opportunity for everyman to be a little dictator and oppressor of those around him. They also like to corrupt the appetites and desires of the herd. You can look around you right now and see what I’m talking about in every respect.

Like elements that get out of control for whatever the reason may be; wildfires in California, tsunamis in Asia, earthquakes in South America or hurricanes in the Caribbean; the same can be said for different populations and collectives of particular fundamentalist ideologies. The same can be said for particular political ideologies and for most idiot-ologies that are manipulated by leaders and those who profit from the runoff of what is stolen from people because of their obsessions and ignorance. It’s a vicious cycle and this cycle can be seen in Nature and in human affairs.

I tend to believe that Nature mirrors the state of humanity. There are (rare) times when humanity lives in accord with Nature and balance is maintained. There are (less rare) times when humanity dominates and corrupts Nature and what you see in the mirror is something twisted out of its natural appearance. Teachings that might mean one thing in their original intent are reinterpreted to mean something else so that those who profit from the ignorance of humanity might profit still more. This is how religions are turned into killing machines and how moral compasses are rendered incapable of giving true direction.

Let’s take for example the word ‘jihad’. To me this means an intentional and internal war to root out the evil and ignorance in one’s own being and thereby make one safe from the ignorance around them. This term has been given another meaning in these days by a portion of the followers of the religion to which the term applies and by those from other religions who want it to have that same interpretation so that those who profit from the ignorance of the masses might again increase their spoils.

Most religions, in their true intent, have to do with causing changes in the individual that will benefit them and those they encounter. What we see is that the teachings are changed from this and directed outward upon the world at large for the forceful subjugation of others to an ‘external’ force. The inner appearance of the divine is the divine in essence. The outer appearance is the devil. It’s the manipulation of appearances interpreted by sensory apparatus that is applied by those seeking to profit from the perversion of understanding. It’s a simple thing that becomes increasingly more confusing as you attempt to define and analyze it on the outside. “What’s puzzlin you is the nature of my game.”

If you believe that you must protect yourself from the outside against a threat from the outside then the weapons are implements of injury. The motivation for their use is manipulated by twisting true information into false information which is why the main stream media, political entities and houses of world religion are engaged in continuous lies whose purpose is fear and whose intention is to profit from the proliferation of it.

Ageless wisdom says that there is a power within you that is greater than anything outside of you. Ageless wisdom also tells you that this life is a never ending costume ball. It tells you that the life within you is eternal whereas the costume of any particular life is not.

So... should you get a gun and defend the homestead? Should you bow your head and offer your neck? I’ll try to put this into perspective and at the same time offer an explanation to someone who wanted to let me know that it’s all one and anything perceived in a dual sense is futile. I’m quite familiar with the Advaita Vedanta viewpoint. I’m also familiar with the self and its reflection and that the soul is a vehicle that contains the spirit. It’s all well and good to say that it’s all one but even in the saying of it the thing divides again. So I don’t spend much time wondering if this or that is better than this or that. I take it from where I am and that is about all I can manage. I’m not a scholar, I’m a mystic... or a fool if you prefer.

As I have said many times before; many ways up the mountain. It’s also possible to be the mountain and also possible to cast the mountain into the sea. It’s possible to mistake one mountain for another and it’s possible that anything is possible. If I get too involved in counting the angels dancing on the pin I might forget to smell the roses as I go so...

Here’s how I look at it. It’s ALL Karma... here. Where you are and what you are, is Karma. I’m going to make this simple. Your Karma is your movie. It is the role you find yourself in and the circumstances and environments that make up your role. So, you play your role to the best of your abilities. Some of us are set up to be Jessie James and some of us are set up to be Marshal Dillon. Some of us are meant to be poor and some rich and some are meant to be Elmer Fudd with an attitude problem. Your job is to convert what you’ve been given into the best expression that you can. The whole world is watching, even if you don’t think so.

You may need guns and you may not. You may dream of Peru and never go and you may live in Peru and hate the place. There is one thing you can do no matter where you are and that is to begin to act as if it were God experiencing it. When you do this, it is automatic that the shortest way out of your Karma will immediately be revealed. Whether you have the drive and intensity of focus to main it is another thing.

Everything in what is termed the external world is an implement of Karma. Your perception of what they are and what they do is an aspect of Karma. What you think you are is an element of Karma. It stands to reason that, if there is a God then that God is an aspect of you; or you are an aspect of it. So, the whole point of life is to discover the proper relationship between yourself and the divine, or to ignore it and get on with your personal dreams and demands or to shape the relationship so that it justifies the pursuit of your dreams and demands. You can complicate it with rationales and mumbo jumbo but it is one of these, one way or another.

So... do you need a gun or a knife? My take is, if you do you will have it but the idea that you can protect yourself when you are in a state of ignorance is not the best defensive posture. In scripture we are told, “If God is for me who can be against me?” Find God and you have the answer to everything.

Once you can see that life is a movie and that everything is under control, there is no enemy. The enemy is your mind. There is a film called “Jacob’s Ladder” that makes the point very well. We’ll talk more about these things in the next chapter.

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susana said...

"begin to act as if it were God experiencing it".

Beautiful Les, a piece worth placing on the mantle.

kikz said...

thank you.

love k*

Anonymous said...

I love the bit about acting as though god were experiencing it, thanks, God

nina said...

I am so glad you chose to do this format with Spiritual Survival. As you go along, it would be helpful to put all chapters here so everything is in one location for yourself and your own plans, and for others like me who will link to it in its totality. You're doing this anyway whether or not I made this comment, yes, no? As a little viewer out here in real life land, I like to send these works to friends and family. A package deal is more meaningful because it allows people to go first to their area of immediate concern and take-in the remaining chapters as your works apply to their changing circumstances.
This blog is so promising, it reminds me what you said about wanting something and whomph, it materializes. And what is it I really want? I am wanting loved ones to find understanding and self-enrichment and whomph, suddenly you provide the vehicle. Intentionally or not, even just this much, is important and I thank you for your efforts.

Love, nina

Anonymous said...

It is a clear example of how good you are that you have had no commercial success Les. I have broken bread with you in your home. I have seen you in tragedy and triumph and I have seen you be as scary as you had to be when bad people showed up at your parties. I've lived with you on Maui and I've visited you in Italy and in Germany and had my shit delivered to me when I got in your face. Look buddy, you trained me. I get to say things if and when I choose and you can publish this or not but you are getting better every day and I get a thrill out of this because you were always better than the rest and I know that's why you are still running you fuck and no I have had no drink or drug in three months so this is what I think and feel. You are the hope of many. Don't you falter at the last. I suspect even if you do turn into Frodo at theend that Gollum will bite off your finger. It's funny is it not that Rahm has that finger thing?

Yes, I'm coming after the X so, expect me when you see me.

Anonymous said...

Thought I'd put this bit here
'it’s how the Universe works... What you do Les reaches so much farther than you could possibly imagine (even into the future); it’s the nature of the beast!'

psychegram said...

Been waiting for the next installment in this series since August ... fantastic!

And thank you for re-iterating the importance of feeling the divine, of letting the awareness of God shine through one's eyes and illuminate one's life. Occasional reminders are necessary for your lazier students.

Anonymous said...

Hey, SOO glad to see this series continued here! It seems the vehicle that it was originally attached to wasn't (or isn't yet) what the stated goals were. Lots of good intentions and proclamations, but lacking in, what, constant attention? Energy? Cash? Seems a lesson is there just in that attempt. Maybe it took too much time and effort to get the coffee mugs and their ad page taken care of.

I can't begin to tell you how much I have learned from all of your works and the folks who come around and share parts of themselves. The effort put forth is of the sort that is beyond value in the traditional sense - it is giving freely of each other's experience and discovery with the goal of helping others who are seeking it. And precious little proclaiming or posturing. Beautiful and probably guaranteed to keep those doing so under the radar as there is no "money" to be made by sharing any of this. It sure helps an uneducated but sincere seeker like myself feel like there is still a way to get up to speed now that the illusion has been pointed out and torn away a bit. So much to learn! Thank you all.


PS. How I came to view "Jacob's Ladder" a couple weeks ago out of the blue (it came out, what, 20 years ago?) is one of those head-scratchers for sure. Never heard of it, and my wife selected it pretty much at random. Hmmmm.

Anonymous said...

God is the itch at the back of your neck when you walk alone through the dark; the unseen eyes watching you, raising bumps and standing hairs on end. God is your mind and the world is an elaborate dream. Divinity is a human invention, thus, we are god.

Anonymous said...

If physical Israel are Gods chosen people, then why are they in darkness? Would God want the gentiles to search out evil and take up blasphemy? It defies all logic. No, Gods chosen people would be a rightious people with the Light of Jesus Christ in there being, like it says in Gal3:29. God is Holy and He seeks a holy people. Jesus did not identify with the Pharisies. He called them white washed sepulchres. A den of vipers. Children of Satan. Does that sound like the chosen people? Whos going to laugh first you or me?

Anonymous said...

You are right on target, Les Visible.

Speaking of Nature, and the outer/inner perception, let's consider what a beehive is, seen from two different perspectives:

The first is the perception of pure matter, the perception through a cluttered, closed Celestial Eye, of Domination and Submission and of a Hierarchy based on that:

There is a Queen Bee (as likened to the Bristish Queen) her Workers (as in Marxism), the useless-seeming, lazy Drones, the Pupae and the exploitable resource called Honey.

Through a different perspective, through the glimpse of perception through the Celestial Eye, Spiritual Realm based on Love and Truth:

There is a beautiful Mother ("Queen"), very fertile, her handsome Lovers ("Drones"), the older, laborious, infertile Daughters ("Workers") who diligently take care of their pregnant Mother and their younger sisters ("Pupae") whose joyous playing produces a sweet substance named Honey (which, not coincidentally, is what many people call their Loved One).

Quite a difference, huh? It occurs to me that the root cause of beehive collapses, devastation of nature and indeed the root cause for all Evil, is that Love has grown cold in our minds and hearts and our habitat will grow to resemble our disturbed, unrighteous, attachment-filled thoughts, and the actions arising from them, and indeed from just the thoughts. The Noösphere is not separate from the Atmosphere or the Biosphere.

Needless to say, there are differing levels of responsibility about the disaster, and everyone will ultimately get what they deserve (woe to the TPTB).

Oh, and Les, thank you for calling me out with your writing and for renewing my Faith!


Visible said...

Thank you for making me feel useful!

Dammerung said...

Here's something pissing me off.

I've been converting any savings I want to keep into silver. Gonna build myself a nice little hoard. But what do you do with it when everybody else is broke? Well, you issue notes against hoards of silver and then loan them out at small interest and invest in the community...

Bankers should provide a valuable service in the economy, which makes the Wall St. caste all the more despicable. They're like doctors who poison or farmers who pilfer food or police who steal and murder, not that we've seen any lack of that. These days, everything is its opposite and anybody who goes against that consensus and tries to name white as white and black as black is held up as a standard of "what not to do."

Banking is a valuable service to the economy but there's no grounds for believing that a successful banker should be orders of magnitude richer than a successful engineer or successful software developer. Maybe one day my foresight will pay off but if it does it will necessarily be in conjunction with successfully rebuilding what the banksters have destroyed.

Daphne said...

Les, are the other 12 chapters somewhere on your site? I so love what you say. I know I learn more of the truth on your sites than anywhere else I can think of.

Or... are you going to turn these chapters into a book?

Let me know please. On one of your blogs will be fine.

Visible said...

this is a book which will be published shortly. However, You can do an internet search with these keywords (spiritual survival in a temporal world, letters from the devic realm. just get there) and find at least half a dozen other chapters. Glad you like it!

Anonymous said...

les, you wrote this on 11-22-08, a week that I remember well as that was exactly when the first layer of utter fear, fear I didn't know I even had... was ripped off of my self like one of those 'magic' boards which is really just a film of hard plastic over a black wax board. rippppp I felt that rip, heard that rip and though I thought at that time ALL the fear had left me then I was to find out it was just the first layer.

Just like my realizing the faith that I thought I already had but really didn't have at all and didn't realize that until I-in fact-did get the faith.

Didn't 'find' it because it was there all along-I just didn't really have any of it though I thought I did.

Just like I thought I no longer had any 'fear' (life/death fear)only when that cosmic RIPPPP occurred did I realize that-in fact-I did have fear, was operating only under fear and didn't know it until that RIPPPP caused me to realize-REAL IZE that at least one layer of 'the fear' had been ripped off of me.

Now in my situation-having been played by several factions of whom I now realize are either soulless husks embedded with deviant players or else something of a nonhuman beyond sociopathic entities -the games would keep going on for a while longer.

The physical death of the catalyst for a whole lot of eye opening (3rd eye kind) would take a few months after you wrote this post... thinking my drama trauma source was now ended I was very relieved but it had in fact just started another chapter... which promoted still more layers of 'the fear' to be revealed and peeled off-this time a silent peeling versus the radical rip of the first layer done in the week of this post... of yours.

And the only constant in five years of the non stop testings by the sociopaths who came to me in factions of ten or more... was my SPIRITUAL SURVIVAL IN A TEMPORAL WORLD. A big part of me did die when I realized the depths of depravity that encompasses all the systems in our society and most of those walking this earth as well-those who've already made their choices to be minions of the dead eyed, dead souled or soulless husks really working their realms.

I became conscious of the empty vessel I always was but...again didn't realize until that vessel started being filled... I am avidly working on 'love' filling that void though I really don't know what that 'love' really is or means... I, too, will put to work, already have right now your words of 'acting as though God were experiencing it' as I do think that is what we are all here for acting out our various roles here on this material plane.

The devils, the sociopathic vampires are not the only ones who feed off of our human emotions. :)

I've been through the fires, the endless tests no souled human can ever 'win' -I've realized the faith that I never knew I didn't have until I did have it... realized that all of myself was in total reaction to fear mode and hadn't known it until that fear stripped off layer by layer.

I'm sure there are more layers of both faith and fear to be revealed to me but since you wrote this piece I've experienced so much hard core drama that has put me where I am today-back on my own two feet-health intact, mind AND SOUL intact... they didn't get me, didn't subvert me with their perverted deadly games... game isn't over yet and now that I realize what has been going on and see that it is a game-don't give out the fuel that feeds their fires anymore, don't give the FEED I am in a healthier position to play those games with them to my satisfaction---and with those games ending all in my favor.

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