Monday 11 June 2012

A New Visible Blog

Coming soon - a new, Visible blog...

Until Visible's first new post appears here, you can enjoy his unique and compelling writing style at any of his existing blogs:

Profiles in Evil
Reflections in a Petri Dish
Smoking Mirrors
Visible Origami
Visible Stream

... or catch up with Visible's latest (and archived) Radio Shows at:

Visible Radio

Watch this space.......


a GrebBear said...

Ola BrotheR ))

BeeN a while since i said hello ... ?? -)) ... Hi ))

... as ALL-way-S, you're maGic-ALL and this blog will be no different !!
... maYbe, hoHoho ))

a GrebBBeaR

PeacE LOVE liGht TrutH
(- ;
; -)

Unknown said...

Hi .. just heard your heart filled tones on red ice, thought you might appreciate this:

John Sheard said...

Just listened to you on RedIce, I really would like to know why you dissmis Eckhart Tolle he has brought so many people to “God” and brought many to a state of inner peace. I would appreciate your reason for not liking him.

Visible said...

My view on someone is my view. You are welcome to him; just his being on Oprah is enough for me but he also just repeats platitudes and I have heard nothing original from him at any time. He charges high fees for people to hear him speak and he bores me to death and I fall asleep when I do hear him speak. We are not on the same ray of awareness. Like I say, anyone is welcome to him. I don't care for him, I am sure people feel the same about me but no one can call me a profiteer.

John Sheard said...

Thank you Les for replying, I understand what you are saying about Eckhart. I think his early talks are powerful, and can be a good first step for those of us who never considered anything “spiritual “
Your poetry on youtube is also very powerful and touched something I had been pondering before I listened to your poems. The fact it is all well and good being at “peace” with everything that is going on but is that really doing any-good. Sure my experience and my wife’s has changed so much for the better just by changing where I am coming from, but does this play into “their” hands.

Unknown said...

Keep your chin up les have read most of your posts.I recon you act like a spiritual trim have provided a lot of food for thought,which can only be a good thing.Do`nt let the bastards grind you down.:-)

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