Sunday 17 November 2019

They Encounter a Cold Front of Sumbitches, led by a Sexual Degenerate with Sanpaku Eyes.

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Finally... finally, I have found all the evidence that I have been relying on, in one place; courtesy of Tyler Durden. I've had to explain myself to people more often than I wanted to. So much so as to refuse to do so anymore. If you can't read the litany of evidence on the circling wind... you are more likely to get caught up in the grasp of the cyclone, rather than enjoy the power and spectacle from a distance.

I'd say that most people don't know the difference between a cyclone or a tornado. Certainly a cyclone can be much bigger. Basically, you get a tornado when a cold front and a warm front come together and a cyclone wherever you get air circling around a cold front. These conditions don't always promote a powerful spinning madness. Sometimes you just get a severe thunderstorm.

So it is in political climates, when you get cold hearted reptiles spinning around an even colder theater of enterprise, you're going to get a cyclonic weather condition, called Orange Man Set-off. Perhaps you have invisible angels, wafting upon the warm air of the Almighty's love in their passing ...and they encounter a Cold Front of Sumbitches, led by a Sexual Degenerate with Sanpaku Eyes. You are going to get a tornado.

Cyclones, Hurricanes and Typhoons are basically the same thing. Perhaps the reason they get the weather wrong so much is that they don't fully understand all the subtleties of it. They don't have THE BIG PICTURE. Political storms are similar in this respect. Our present political storm is like that; wheels within wheels. But... like John Milton (Al Pacino) in The Devil's Advocate said, “Don't get too cocky my boy. No matter how good you are don't ever let them see you coming. That's the gaffe my friend.” This is what President Trump is doing.

As the 'joined at the hip of evil' Sumbitches, do their Armageddon Macarena, all their attention is focused on the orchestrated farce of their theatrics... guided by the protocol breaking, sexual degenerate with Purse Mouth Syndrome. They seem to have forgotten all about the IG Report on the Fisa Warrants. I don't know if you are familiar with some of Napoleon's tactics of war. It seems to me that is what is presently in play. It's one of those 'reach-a rounds' that are not as pleasurable as is generally thought to be the case. Now... this in not something I would know about but... on the advice of experts (grin) I have concluded the pleasure is all with the reach-a rounder.

It appears that the long awaited report (with attendant recommendations for action followups) includes all the usual suspects AND a former president and his Secretary of State. Oh my... Oh my...

Given that there are some actions that President Trump cannot 'directly' bring about, he has to play one of those Chance/Strategy games, where you have a tall structure and you keep pulling out one piece after another, until... it collapses and the collapser loses. It's 4D legerdemain. More and more, I begin to suspect the intrusion of unseen hands and the presence of a presence undefined.

The greatest problem in the world, besides ignorance, is selfishness. When you cannot- or do not want to- see the wider benefits of your every act, your field of vision narrows; eventually you are blinded if it continues to narrow. Many people look upon the possession of a selfish or generous nature as being a personal choice that could have come about in all manner of ways. The presence or absence of a moral compass could have a lot to do with it; bad parenting and bad mentoring also can be causes. Most assuredly, no matter what other causes or ancillary influences come into the press, Materialism is ALWAYS a major player.

When you are guided by a selfish nature, there will ALWAYS be aspects of your life, critical aspects that you will not see. Your selfish nature will have occluded them. Some of what you miss can affect your survival, whether that be literal, or something like your reputation and standing in the world. For some reason, being selfish is never to a person's advantage over the long term. You miss important features and you render yourself vulnerable and exposed.

More and more... it appears to me that an unseen hand is at work. This thrills and comforts me. Of course, I KNOW that an invisible hand is ALWAYS at work, in the known and unknown worlds, however far the reach of them extends BUT... even though I know this... I forget. Memory and the ability for remembering, are extraordinarily critical to Spiritual Realization and Spiritual Revelation. Your real self already knows everything. It just has to be contacted and provoked. Perhaps the contact is all the provocation that is needed.

Every religious tradition has a element of constant prayer- constant remembrance. Each of them has a tenet whereby, at the approach of death, one has only to engage the discipline of remembering The Ineffable, or repeating the name or phrase of the celebration of the presence and salvation is automatic. I have found this to be present in Buddhism, with the Amitabha Buddha. I have found it in Hindu system with the Mahamantra and I have found it in the Christian Tradition also with, “pray without ceasing”. What many fail to realize, or simply do not know, is that there are entities dispatched at the critical moment to cause us to forget the practice. If you have been, at all, inconsistent or cavalier in your performance, of whichever process you employ, you may well forget; you might well forget.

When you set out to trap anyone, you must have your priorities in order and also be on the side of the angels, unless, of course, your target(s) are doomed in their Karma. It is probably best to never set out to trap anyone (given how it can impact on your own Karma) but... such is life and especially such is life in certain periods of display. It is the divine who both traps and releases us at different times. It is why we pray, “lead us not into temptation”. It is why Lord Ganesha carries the two accouterments of binding and liberation with him.

We have a number of phrases that have been in the common parlance for awhile. One of them refers to being hoisted on your own petard. As the other John Milton once said, “Revenge, at first though sweet, Bitter ere long back on itself recoils.”

SO... SO... it behooves us to spend some time of deep reflection upon our acts of malevolence toward others because, one way or another, it will come back on us. This applies as well to Schadenfreude. Thoughts can kill and have killed. The longer I live, the more impressed I am with The hand of God. The longer I live, the more impressed I am with the wisdom of possessing those features called, 'The Virtues' The world is incredibly deceptive. One could say it is entirely deceptive because nothing it tells you is true. It is always misleading and misdirecting. Here I mean to indicate ALL AREAS of deception, crimes of omission, as well as the crimes of commission. Then there is a whole field of prohibitions that have to do with a failure to render aid.

Yes... I'm dancing all over the place here today but some things cannot be said outright. It is not possible. The corner around which they wait must be indicated, or the attention directed toward it... it must be hinted at and then one can only hope the point is made. We are coming up on a whirlwind of riffling events... a cyclone of bada bing... a tornado of sequences that will sometimes be moving faster than the eye can see, especially if the eye has been coerced to look in the wrong direction. It's all going to be coming around the mountain when it comes.

Whatever the real nature and intention of this present president of the United States is, at this time, we are going to be witness to a grand spectacle of venality, duplicity, revenge and a scrambling mayhem after personal profit and vain ambitions, the like of which... the like of which, we have not seen in this lifetime. Never before has the lines between the combatants been so radically defined. Never has the animosity and rancor been so great. This is positively Shakespearean! I suggest you arrange your comestibles ahead of time. You are not going to want to move away from the performance once that has been set in motion before you.

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