Wednesday 27 November 2019

You Knew it was Inevitable; CRAZY is the New Normal.

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Sometimes... and increasingly more and more... one has to repeat certain statements because... as time passes, they become progressively more and more obvious, palpable, present and... in this particular instance, more and more, OFF THE HOOK!

We've said this half a dozen times already and it looks like we are going to be saying it even more than that. We are thinking of posting it as part of a PERMANENT MISSION STATEMENT, front and center and maybe even to either side in every blog, or creative construct we work through, given that video is soon to become a predictable mainstay. As time gets short, there is a need to, literally, get in your face. Of course we are not talking about aggressive confrontation. We are talking about using every medium available to reach people, BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT YOU DO WHEN YOU GIVE A SHIT.

Now... what is it that we have been saying with an ever intensifying frequency? MATERIALISM is the go to corrupter of all good things. It's immediate offspring is INSANITY. From this further, slug-like coupling, comes the murky, oil slick rainbow of sexual perversity. Excess becomes a legitimate lifestyle. Fat, stupid and crazy becomes a desirable life goal. It is something to shoot for, even if the recommendation here is that you shoot yourself first and save yourself the pointless and ever heightening suffering that is ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEED to accompany you through every moment in your life, IF you continue in this fashion.

One can literally trace the progression of CRAZY, as it moves through its recognizable and definable phases. Usually it starts... almost always it starts with LYING TO YOURSELF. The next step is to insulate yourself from the truth of this, with as many layers of flesh, denial and delusion as is possible. The goal is to look as much like the functionaries sitting behind the members of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (during the impeachment proceedings) as is possible. The next step is to dress in tight, form fitting clothes, like a Victoria's Secret, runway or magazine model... because... because; YOU GO GIRL!!! (or boy- or whatever you are trying to morph into) The next step is to buy a garden trowel and make liberal use of EVERY Walgreen's cosmetic you can find, for that Kabuki effect and then get a pictorial, tattoo graphic, of the Pentateuch, on every available area of skin, thus also justifying the need for so much extra skin. Following that... you are going to need a combination of purple, green and pink streaks through your hair. Your personality is going to adjust accordingly as you continue, from alienated, to agitated, to angry and then to a shrieking, hysterical shitfit of tragic comic proportions.

All of these changes are not only to be desired but are also socially encouraged and legitimate, because YOU SAY what is beautiful and attractive and if anybody doesn't like it? Off with their heads! Fire them from their teaching positions or jobs of whatever type! Marginalize them and shame them with public disapproval. How could they possibly know what sublime empyrean, of an all encompassing sky of wonder, is presently trapped in horrific disguise?

Okay... okay... enough of my demeaning people with no self control and no sense of self. (WHAT?!?) Wait a minute! There's a cosmic secret hidden in that first sentence. It's right there on the tip of my mind... it's coming! I can feel it coming! It's just out for clearance. Yes!!! Thank you! I love it when I find out some deeper and generally hidden truth about existence. Don't you?

No doubt... and more and more these days, there will be people offended at my exercising my First Amendment rights. Need I point out that an unfortunately large percentage of the rest of you, offend me constantly but I manage to contain my disapproval... usually if barely? However, this is the blog titled, “Reflections in a Petri Dish” and you might want to read the blurb up at the masthead.

I take no pleasure on calling out elements of cultural decay... but if something isn't done and if no one says anything, it's not going to be here much longer and whatever there may be that remains of it will not be fit for living in by SANE PEOPLE. Then again... the Lord God is in control of everything so... don't let manipulated appearances deceive and bring you down.

Social Justice Warriors are NOT SANE. Antifa Jacobin Reincarnates are NOT SANE. Most university professors and functionaries are NOT SANE. Most psychologists and psychiatrists are NOT SANE! Most Alt-Sex practitioners are NOT SANE. Gender Fluid Troglodytes are NOT SANE. People transitioning from one sex to another are NOT SANE. Materialists are NOT SANE. Satanists (Satanism is the official religion of Materialism) are NOT SANE. Most famous entertainers are NOT SANE. Most people employed in the media are NOT SANE. Liberals are generally NOT SANE. Religious figures, in most cases, are NOT SANE. Those preying upon the human race are NOT SANE. Just as that classic logic argument goes, about black crows, or anything... in that sense, it can be said that MOST PEOPLE ARE NOT SANE and the numbers are increasing commensurate with the escalating press of Materialism.

I've considered sarcastic and satirical takes on what I see bubbling in this noxious cultural stew. I was a comedian of the stand up variety for a short while. It didn't take long for me to discover the kind of people you wind up hanging out with and the sorts of audiences that profession attracts. I've looked into all manner of occupations that provided me with a vehicle to support myself and promote my arts. It didn't take me long to see what you have to go through to be a touring or club musician. It didn't take me very long to see what you get subjected to as an actor. Being a writer, gives you the best case scenario for being less visible and the greatest freedom of expression. Being a mystic provides the best environment for an up close and personal relationship with The Supreme Being.

As CRAZY amplifies, in accordance with the force of MATERIALISM, the sane head for the hinterlands and the hills. CRAZY people don't notice that people are being deliberately herded toward urban settings. Most people don't see the transit paddocks to the killing floor. CRAZY people don't notice the Mass Kill schematics that are being formulated and employed from a variety of levels of operation for varying degrees of impact. CRAZY people are ALL ABOUT whatever particular obsession proved to be the weakest link in the chain, as Mr. Apocalypse bears down upon it. This is why you see you so much acting out of different psychological abnormalities. What is or is not normal is no longer a consideration in any case. Now the sine qua non is, “How do you feel about it?” That is the base line for sanity. If you're okay with it, then you're good to go and if not? There's a pill or a therapy that will help you to integrate your CRAZY into the greater CRAZY.

There is a psychological term called, 'accommodation'. A good example of this is, if you live in a city and you have your window open and someone is operating a jackhammer in the street outside, you will no longer hear it, following a period of accommodation. This applies to things you see as well. If you see it all the time, it becomes normal, or not even there. Often you don't even register its presence. It could be, (and is) certainly, NOT NORMAL but one's objective capacity is muted... because the subjective has become the ruling authority in your consciousness. It controls the nature and parameters of your awareness. There are people who are now doing all kinds of things that are CRAZY, just to fit in. Kids in school are claiming to be a sex other than their birth sex because it confers ACCEPTANCE AND ESPECIALLY... POPULARITY. How is it possible that we are now discussing gender in terms of statements like, 'the gender ASSIGNED to you at birth'?

CRAZY is rampantly proliferate. It is a runaway bacteria. It is a mind parasite. It is latent in all of us but certain behaviors activate and feed it. Other behaviors render it quiescent. All would be lost by now were it not for THE PRESENCE of The Almighty, who is the prime mover and from whom ALL FORCE is resident and emergent. In his appearance as Mr. Apocalypse, he is initiating (has initiated) a GRAND AWAKENING. It is in progress as these words are being written. This IS AN APOCALYPSE!!! And it demonstrates in stages, each one of which is exponentially greater than the previous phase. This means that the levels of force are going to be dramatically intensified and as time is also collapsing, it's all going to be going down in what 'seem to be' shorter periods of time. In other words, YOU AIN'T SEEN NOTHING YET!

“All things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are 'the called' according to his purpose.” So... factor that into the PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION. All manifest life, exists for the PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION. Let the ineffable demonstrate through you, as opposed to the opposer, who is the alternative format. It doesn't matter how CRAZY the world gets, IF YOU ARE ALIGNED WITH AND IN ACCORD WITH The Divine Indwelling. This means, basically, that you are not at war with yourself and therefore, not at war with the world you are in and which is then (by extension) defined by the nature and degree of your aggression. The truth is exceedingly simple. It only becomes complex WHEN WE SEEK TO ADD EXCEPTIONS to accommodate and justify OUR DESIRES. It is what it is. If ANYTHING is what it is... it would be The Truth which, is ALSO resident within. What do you know? You've got everything you need.

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Lou said...


The good thing is MOST of us know the gender we are, were born as and will die as. Far less than !% of us have some confusion on this core FACT. The most important cause of this deliberately induced gender and other confusion is PUBLIC EDUCATION.

Treat anyone expressing an OPINION that is based on Anti-Fact as you would seven year old who KNOWS the moon is made of green cheese; smile and figuratively pat them on the head as you pass by.

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