Monday 9 December 2019

Mr. Apocalypse Inhales the Vapor Trails of Ghosts across a Desert Landscape of Animated Fata Morgana

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Today I wondered if I should talk about this... or talk about that and no matter what crosses my field of attention, I am drawn back to Mr. Apocalypse. It is ALWAYS about Mr. Apocalypse, because he is deeply involved in EVERYTHING happening, in the external theater of human drama and what is often enough... the theater of human comedy as well.

I am presently watching this outrageous farce of an impeachment hearing and... heh heh... Mr. Apocalypse is the elephant in the room and the 900 pound gorilla. It is startlingly clear to me that an invisible power for Truth and Revelation is operating in this room, independent of the awareness of the players there. It is amusing in the extreme to watch pompous fatheads, filled with fast food gravitas, try to act like statesmen and come off looking like Tweedledee and Tweedledum. They are definitely in the realm of fairy tale characters. I have NEVER seen so much smoke and so many mirrors, reflecting nothing but the vapor trails of ghosts across a desert landscape of Fata Morgana.

The increments of change are small and it is difficult to see the nature of the pattern of change over the short term BUT... if one steps back and widens the breadth of their perspective, it shows a surprising trend toward the ridiculous and embarrassing. The players are all of a short term attention span, so they DO NOT SEE the actual quality of their persona in demonstration. If they could see clearly into the true meaning of their own behavior they would be red faced with shame. They can't see because they have the blinders of self interest over their vision and everything they observe is viewed through the lens of self interest. The last thing any of them are concerned about is... self inquiry.

Manipulating the destiny of self interest is one of Mr. Apocalypse's chief duties. He is like a grand weaver, or symphonic conductor, who threads the fabrics of different colors into a single, woven presentation, or the totality of the musical instruments, into a series of patterns, with the intent of evoking an emotional response. Let me be more clear and precise. Mr. Apocalypse directs all human activity to a particular end. It is to be presumed, unless you are bone dead stupid, that Mr. Apocalypse's duties, pretty much exclusively, ALL HAVE TO DO WITH THE APOCALYPSE. Apokalypsis is the classical Greek spelling of the word. It has to do with, especially a particular ( spiritual ) manifestation of Christ (His will) previously unknown to the extent (because "veiled, covered"). Please read that several times until is becomes perfectly clear.

An apocalypse is concerned with UNVEILING... DISCLOSURE... REVELATION... UNCOVERING. Let's put this in conversational terms... THE TRUTH WILL OUT! WHAT IS HIDDEN WILL BE REVEALED!!! This implies also that often, when this happens, it can have a cartoonish aspect to it. It can appear incongruous; especially when it doesn't reflect what was said about- whatever 'it' is- what was previously hidden, not yet uncovered.

Mr Apocalypse TOLD ME, with such power, that I was shaking... trembling with the force of it... he told me that he was going to show up in the middle of them and pull their pants down in front of the world. This... falls well within the parameters of UNCOVERING. REVEALING, UNVEILING and all terms similar. He said to me... “you have some idea of who I am and from this you can surmise that I am certainly very... very clever. One might say ingenious, yes?” I responded in the affirmative. He then continued to say, “Well then, perhaps you can imagine how ingenious I can be if I turn my attention to that manner of expression, with these objects of my attention.” I seem to remember saying something like... “Oh yeah!” This was because I knew that Mr. Apocalypse, a divine persona, operates under a divine imprimatur. He has the authority of Heaven behind him.

So... I am much amused when I watch these hearings. I'm one of the few people on the planet that sees the hand of God in EVERYTHING. I'm not trying to paint myself as exceptional, or exclusive, or more in the know than anyone else; no way, not hardly. I'm no one and before the Throne of Splendor I am less than nothing. I ONLY HAVE VALUE ...according to what animates me and illuminates me to the degree that I can see or think or feel at all. I'm simply saying that most people, in these times of material darkness, do not see God in EVERYTHING. What most people see is whether they can avoid or acquire, eat or fuck whatever has their attention. Please forgive my use of possibly rude terms to describe what most people get up to. I am only commenting upon what I have observed, sometimes while hidden in the surrounding foliage around various activities. It is safe to say that I have been in places of intense light and very deep darkness more than the average person. I have gone to, or been sent to, all manner of places, to see for myself, what people were getting up to in them.

As for the places of light that I was permitted to visit, for temporary periods of time, I have my spiritual teacher, my spiritual master, to credit for making that possible. I have a good idea what the residents of Heaven are like and how they interact and behave. I've been there. I also know what the residents of The Infernal Realm are like and how they interact and behave. I've been there. Here I will quote the venerable, Lao Tzu; 'though Heaven prefers (favors) no man, the wise man prefers (favors) Heaven.”

Because we are in a time of intense material darkness, the nature of humanity is, for the most part, more influenced by the Infernal Kingdom rather than the Supernal Kingdom. That is changing, incrementally, by the day but... for the moment, most of humanity is in thrall to the darkness. That's just how it is and ALL YOU HAVE TO DO is walk out of your door and into town to see what I am saying, or turn on your TV, or go to the movies, or listen to the radio, or visit the internet. Anyone attempting to argue to the contrary is either remarkably dense and clueless, or an agent of the darkness and we have no shortage of them at this time.

Now I want to address the MOST IMPORTANT FEATURE OF THE INDUSTRIES OF MR. APOCALYPSE; AWAKENING. Mr. Apocalypse is here to awaken us, in the process of UNCOVERING AND REVEALING. Things shown to us, in dramatic fashion, can have the effect of awakening us. Natural catastrophe's can do this. Personal calamities can do this. Trauma of all types can have this effect. Many people who no longer drink or take certain drugs, or behave in certain questionable ways, do so because of TRAUMA that was visited upon them, as the result of these behaviors, or catastrophes in their personal life. It happens... and we have many witnesses to this.

Time is marching by my friends and the efforts of Mr. Apocalypse are intensifying. You are going to begin to see things you have not seen before. This is all for THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION, so that we might learn what is true and what is not, what is real and what is not and... WHO WE ARE AND WHO AND WHAT WE ARE NOT.

Today... the Fisa warrants are in the public domain. Sparks will fly and those who have been dedicated to impeaching a legally elected president have not been paying attention to their own hindquarters and to just how far into the public view they have intruded themselves and just how much they have REVEALED and EXPOSED about themselves. One must ALWAYS be aware of the vulnerable position they place themselves in when they set about destroying someone else. One should be further aware of what they reveal about themselves when they seek to expose another. Amen to that... as we shall soon see.

They are going to seek to whitewash this Fisa investigation and soft pedal the findings. Be aware of this but... heads will roll nonetheless. It is the John Durham findings that we need to pay the most attention to because certain individuals are compromised and certain individuals are not.

Reality as we think we know it and the world as we think we know it, is about to be set upon its head. I do not know the details of what is going to come to pass. What I do know is that it is going to be unprecedented and astounding. Meanwhile... Lady Nature is due to make several spectacular and gripping appearances. This has already been taking place but... Calamity is on the menu, because those who cannot hear must feel. Also, God Almighty is going to become more and more present in the affairs of humanity; always has been hands on but NOW... it's going to be more apparent. Remarkable appearances are also due to manifest.

This is what I have for you, my friends, today.

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