More than Forty Miles of Bad Highway Running out of Road.

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

Probably should have written a few books instead of all those blog posts. Probably should record some of those half dozen albums; thought about it. Thought about it but here are some of the things that happened on the way to having got the earlier works done.

Let’s start with the music. I’m in Philadelphia with the Guru Bawa Fellowship and someone I know from there is in the hospital with a fellow named Tone Smith. He worked for Gamble and Huff, who did the Philadelphia Sound. He told him about me and the next thing I knew I was in a house with The Platters. They were launching a comeback and I was writing songs for them. It felt great. I thought this could go some. I mean, Gamble and Huff? Exactly.

Then somehow Bernard Stollmann came into the picture, with his lovely Canadian Wife Flavia,l who was a hired witch performance artist for some Hockey team. Bernard had a brother who is connected to Colombia Records. So Bernard heard about visible and somebody got us to go up to New York City and we were next in Columbia Studios in New Yawk Shitty, where James Taylor had just been in and name after name was given unto us by the people that worked there. Bernard was more interested in my co-writer David Mowry, now an aged and disgruntled blues man with no creative chops and me who was the songwriter with less chops at the times and still, probably, but without who we wouldn’t have been there.

It didn’t go well but he got us to sign a contract- no longer relevant and canceled my contract with a very disappointed Tone Smith. A few years later he shows up at my TV show in Woodstock and they rave about my new album, “Jews from Outer Space” and they take my worn out cassette album and sign me to a contract with Columbia-CBS-Sony-Rounder Records, as part of a big package deal with all of ESP Disks previous artists and black jazz legends, which he has a track record of ripping off with all the relatives suing but that didn’t help them. I tell him I will send him the digital masters of “Jews from Outer Space” and the same from other select works for a companion album called, “Two Old to Rock and Roll”. Against my wishes, he produces the albums from the worn cassette copy and then has the engineers mess up it so bad you can’t even hear what I am singing. The engineers, who had previously worked with Jefferson Starship told me they were embarrassed to have done this but that is what Bernard wanted. He said it made it sound authentic; authentic shit. We wound up getting released in every Towers Record around the world and it sank like a stone and not long after, Tower Records went out of business; no connection there, or tangential at least.

We were floored when we heard it. I still have copies of it. Franklin Russell and Bud Clifton, my co-creators couldn’t believe it. We were heart broken and this is just one of countless cockblockings of mysterious origin. I move to Germany and find that Bernard has placed all my work with a company called IODA out of San Francisco. I contacted them and told them what a liar and crook he was and they switched over to me to handle it for me and at first I got paid a pittance. Then they became Orchard Park records of somesuch, also out of San Francisco. I got one payment of around 250 dollars. Two years (or more ago) I asked them why I hadn’t gotten anymore money. They told me they didn’t pay out under 250
dollars and I was at around 230 owed. I still haven’t earned 20 more dollars since, while being listed on every major outlet on the internet from Amazon to Spotify?

Meanwhile the thief Bernard is always in the background. Tells me he will release me from any connection to him and never does. I try to get free of Orchard Park. They won’t send me a form to do it in or in software I can’t handle and they don’t care. Here I am today shit out of luck I guess.

I labor over my book the Dark Splendor and get this guy from Mandrake of Oxford Press to agree to publish it. He’s a Satanist of sorts and a big Crowley fan and it takes forever and a day for him to publish it. Finally he puts it out in print too small to read and misspells the title on the spine, on the cover and on EVERY inside page; a travesty. After some years and nasty reactions from him he reprints it and it comes out okay except for the damage done. Finally I meet Karen and her husband from Colorado. She wants to publish it and gets a release from Mandrakes of Oxford. She comes to visit in Germany. That didn’t go well but she still wants to publish the book and does, under a weird title which she says fits with my history of using long titles in my work; instead of The Dark Splendor we get, “The Dark Splendor of a World Unknown.” She has a good job done except for changing all sorts of things like song titles, leaving in syntax errors and deliberately doing it her way instead of mine.

She gets a divorce from her husband; no connection and her money scene changes and she is whining to me about costs. For years she refuses to send me any more copies. I tell her I’ve had it. Finally she sends me a few copies and starts telling me how evil I am, after all my patience and trying to work with her. I tell her I’m going to republish the book my way and she threatens to sue. I tell her the only rights she has is to her copy and I won’t be republishing that. She cancels me out of Facebook and changes all her emails so I can’t reach her and even pay her for the six copies she sent me. I guess that is supposed to be some kind of guilt trip.

Desperate and beaten down I publish “The Curious Tale of Ash and the Whine.” because I did it myself with the help of some good friends, that went well. The book in between, “Spiritual Survival in a Temporal World” went okay except for personal problems with Amaranth and her husband Richard, where she kept a thousand out of the account and it all fell apart because they wanted me to be the Avatar and I don’t accept that so I acted out; something I don’t do anymore and that bridge is burned. So be it.

Given all that has happened I don’t want to write anymore books or record anymore albums, as good as the material is, according to what everyone tells me and from what I can see and hear with my own eyes and ears. It’s a dilemma. Here is just ONE story among so many about things that happened to me. Willie Nelson’s best friend who lived on Maui along with Willie and used to own a restaurant in LA called something like the “Great American Dining Experiment” had been besieged for years by people wanting to get their songs to Willie. One of my best friends, Bud Clifton got close to Poppy (Pappy?) and got him to listen to my song “Patterns.” Poppy said, “Bud, people are always trying to get their songs to Willie and I just can’t be bothered but this is one of the best songs I have ever heard and perfect for Willie. When he comes back off tour next week I am personally going to get him to sit down and listen to this. Bud and I were flipped. We knew the song was good but this was great. Three days later Poppy died of a heart attack. This sort of thing is normal for me. Bud recited one of my tunes at a funeral for a friend of Willie’s and everyone loved it; “See you Again”. Nothing. Nothing again and again and again. God tells me my time will
come. I believe that. I may not be here when it happens but happen it will.

The one thing I have never had is a lawyer. I am hoping that will happen now. I immediately heard from a lawyer when I put the feelers out in my last post and who knows an entertainment/music lawyer. I am willing to give whomever proves honest, a percentage of everything though perpetuity. The money is no big thing to me. I have lived with it my whole life; or without it is probably a better way to put it. I have given very little in terms of the bad luck. The tales are too many to list. I need some help while I am here. I can’t pay a lawyer but I can give them a good piece of whatever happens. We SHALL see. I will send this to that lawyer, in lieu of greater detail when needed.

If something good happens, there will be more books and albums. Several books are waiting and at least half a dozen albums. The creativity faucets are wide open as the blogs
demonstrate. We shall see.

Say a prayer for me and us as you may and we shall all do better than well. I think the time is as hand and I am a better person and artist than I have ever been. I have left so much out and surely I have made mistakes which I can be as honest as needs be. God Bless…

See you.

End Transmission…….

Truly Strange Days Have Found Us.

Dog Poet Running for Cover (grin)

I know what I am about to say here is going to really disappoint a few people but I did what I had to do and it seems the decision was a wise one. I have not always been inclined to be wise or to listen to my intuition but… that all changed a few months ago and I won’t say that I have been wise but I have listened to my intuition. We got as far as St. Louis a few blocks from Ferguson (ironic, eh?).

I had been feeling some very strange emotions and unusual premonitions were entering my head. I attempted to shake it off but… I had been told by a very prescient astrologer that starting around the 13th a certain energy was going to become more and more prominent, culminating or rather… reaching gale force winds around the 17th through the 19th. So much had been happening, attended by many meetings at the river; I simply put it out of my mind. My usual stance is to rely on the ineffable and so, sometimes, I have not (have, in the past… not) trusted to messages sent and intuitional proddings as much as I should have. On the 13th I received a message from my astrologer friend telling me the astro-zone was jumping in respect of me. He actually sent the message to one of my friends who passed it on to me. At the time I was in a motel room with friends and I was hit with a very strong recall of what he had told me when I had visited him about two weeks previous.

Because I was feeling things that I could not interpret, we were in this motel room and had been for a few days; paralyzed in respect of forward progress. When my friend told me about the message received, I saw and felt a kaleidoscope of thoughts and emotions. I sat there transfixed. One of my friends then asked me; “would you like to just turn around and go back home?” That was unexpected. I sat there thinking as ideas and feelings rushed through me and I got a clear picture of dangers ahead and I guess I already knew about this which was why I was in limbo in the first place. A reader was waiting right in the area but I hadn’t felt good about making contact. I was no longer clear about what contacts were safe, so… I had been treading water. Then as if in a dream I said… “okay.”

Now we are back where we started from and I knew as soon as I walked in the door that the right decision had been made. It washed over me like warm, clear water and the last couple of days have been as close to bliss as I have been in awhile.

I want to apologize to so many of you who were waiting for a visit. This was the correct thing for me to do and I am sure you would prefer not to see me, at the moment, rather than to never see me again; even though many of you never have anyway (grin). It couldn’t be helped. For once I acted with intelligence and acumen. That has not been my strong suit in the past. It is now.

I’ll say no more at the moment and rather address some of it in tomorrow’s radio broadcast and the next posting. I just wanted to get the important news out now. There are many humorous and unusual events that took place and I’ll be telling you about them soon. In the meantime, let me say, I did the right thing and my friends were also feeling the same. We are all very grateful to be where we are and living here is not so bad at all, compared to what might have occurred. It is easy enough to jump in the car at a later point and move to one of the locations already scoped out. I am going to be much more discreet about my plans and location in the future. All of this has been partly about personal potentialities but even more so; the present world situation and events that may well materialize at the hands of Lady Nature. I have a suspicion that we shall see direct evidence (possibly of all three) soon enough. Time will tell and we shall see.

Once again, I am sorry we could not continue. We shall meet and… in the meantime, any decent soul in reach is welcome to come here and reside and dine at this location.

Much Love…

End Transmission…….

Checking in and Out.

Greetings, my dear friends.  I am somewhere in Kentucky as I write this. First I want to apologize for taking so long to give any kind of update. There has just been so much going on. We have met so many wonderful people from a drone savant on the verge of a huge breakthrough in his fortunes to a couple of backwoods hippie types who have so many talents between them that I was in a state of astonishment. Added to that was someone I have known for years who experienced a meltdown when I got in touch with him. No… his meltdown is not connected to my contacting him but it was a truly strange affair, given that he was one of my principal targets for interaction. I must say that it has been both marvelous and strange here in the early moments of this tour.

One of the reasons that I haven’t written anything is that I am not comfortable with being the primary focus of my postings. I must have been asked several dozen times to write my autobiography and I have so far demurred because I don’t find my life to be that important and as day follows day, the beauty and splendor of God reaches so far beyond my petty life that I just want to avoid myself. That, of course, is impossible because I am in the middle of it and now there is a journey taking place and I am in the middle of that too. It is very important that I communicate the understanding that I do not take myself seriously. That said, we’ll record events as they come about. I am very lucky with the friends I have since it is far more difficult for me to go off the rails than it used to be (grin).

In the process of this trip, any number of important questions come to my mind. Yesterday I was thinking about how people say God bless you when you sneeze. How come no one says that when you fart? It’s basically the same thing at the other end, isn’t it? Yes… such deep philosophical conundrums and concerns come to mind… heh heh. I just thought I would lighten it up a tad.

So far so good it is and I hope to get video operational shortly. My spy sunglasses no longer work and my camcorder is missing important accessories but I do have other options. This just means that you will see me talking to you but probably not what I am talking about. All things will come in time.

I feel like I wish I were not taking this journey. As good as it is and as wonderful as the people I have met have been, I am more and more motivated toward finding somewhere to hunker down. I am quite certain that some unpleasant events are going to take place shortly. It’s an election year and bad shit comes with the territory. This is also an election year further down the road than any other and the vicious nature of the campaigns is remarkable in a field of play where you expect that sort of thing to begin with. Mr. Apocalypse is afoot and there are no guarantees of anything anymore.

We should be halfway across the country by midweek and on our way back in a couple more. It’s all good at the moment but the things I am seeing are very weird, especially in the south with all those religious programs. Understand that I haven’t watched network TV in over 30 years but I am watching it here and there now and it is sometimes excruciating to see the people of this country reduced to the level of ignorance that they presently occupy. It is heartbreaking and yet… the people that I encounter, for the most part, are wonderful people.

I was in a store yesterday and I saw “Sweet Baby Jesus” beer. WTF? I asked the lady at the checkout counter about it and she said, “Yeah, I don’t like that at all.” I am thinking, “Why are they selling it”? I have seen so many strange things. I thank god for the friends I have that are attending this affair. It’s almost like having a babysitter but really, more like a protection detail running interference for me. Most importantly they are witnesses to what is being seen and demonstrated. We might be able to get into more details later as we get a little time under our belts. It is still a little disconcerting at this point.

We’re sitting in a motel room at the moment watching Julio Jones have a career day. I know many of you have no use for football. Fine. I have no quarrel with that. I only bring it up because there is this quarterback called ‘Cam Newton’ that I absolutely cannot stand because of his supreme egotism which I have never seen the like of in all my years of occasionally paying attention and he got hammered figuratively and literally today. So… I am pretty pleased.

Please forgive me for my poor writing today and my other attempts which you didn’t even get to see. This is a novel state that I find myself in and I am mostly occupied with paying attention to what is going on around me and less so upon those concepts with which I usually occupy myself. Maybe putting this up will help in terms of what follows.

End Transmission…….

Definitive Proof of Visible’s Broken Hip in Germany.

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

Finally, after Augean labors, only some of which were mine (thanks Elf and James) we have ze documents. We’ll just put the German one up for the moment since that is where the longer controversy rages. If we start hearing from someone who is hearing about Hawaii then we will post that one too. In any case, this has been a long time coming. The obstacles have been impressive. I have  never seen anything like it. The video of my hip replacement operation should be posted after about two weeks or so but… for the moment, here is an official document from Senftenberg Hospital on my stay there.

It’s possible that some of you may be unfamiliar with what has sparked the need for this. I was unaware of the need for it myself but… one of our intrepid readers came across a site where certain vipers of the darkness were insisting that I faked my injury in order to con my readers into donating to me; something I never asked them to do in any case.. I expect that this irrefutable proof will not dissuade the slanderers but it definitely exonerates me from the accusations. Here is a definition of devil.

Unfortunately for the Luddites out there, this is all in the German language, which makes a kind of sense, given that it all took place in Germany. However, if you really need to know what it is saying, use some translation software. It is easily found and Google has it available right on its site.

Well… I’m glad we cleared that up.

End Transmission…….

The Great Relocation Information Zone.


It is with great pleasure that I announce the institution of The Grand Relocation Information Zone, here at the Les Visible blog; the only one presently not in rotation, decommissioned, or already earmarked. Because something just short of 20 people have already been in contact with me, concerning a serious financial commitment, or a serious interest, as a prelude to the same, I have determined that it’s time for a little preliminary exploration into possibilities.

As you might have guessed, this land is so attractively inexpensive due to the lack of utilities (principally electric). It has water and it has arable land, as well as natural resources that will be listed as I learn what they are (grin). There’s no internet either but there is internet a short (by my measurements) distance away.

I’ll frame out some initial ideas that I have, subject to approval by the greater mass, which I believe to be the most workable beginning schematic. Obviously at least one parcel of the land needs to be purchased and though there is a given price, one must assume some amount of tax and transfer fees; probably no big deal. In any case, it seems intelligent and user friendly to designate a central portion of the property as common land, to be shared by all in respect of communal purposes. Given that everyone will eventually want their own dwelling on their own segment, it seems like a good idea to build an initial common dwelling so that shelter will be available to all early on. This would most likely be a dome of 30′ to 60’diameter; whatever seems needed. Into this is built sleeping pallets that can be folded up or used as couches during the day. A common kitchen would go in and a half circle loft built for additional space.

I’m sure there are any number of workable bright ideas that could apply but my own take is efficiency and maximum accommodation with a minimum of hassle and expense.; I don’t know what we would cover it with. For temporary purposes there are waterproof UV resistant canvas covers, built to size specs that can be acquired and which have multiple year guarantees, depending on what you get. I don’t know what the possibilities of adobe shingles are (my idea- I don’t know if such things exist) but if you can build adobe bricks, you can build adobe shingles, all you need is a mold, straw, clay and water. Mudbrick is a possibility too, I suppose. People have been known to use manure in their bricks but I think we can pass on that. There’s a time factor when you’re dealing with adobe so initially the canvas cover sounds good. That will be a few grand to purchase.

I think we can leave wider planning to future interactions but I thought mention of an initial common dwelling and commonly shared central grounds was a good idea. I’ll make no mention of the actual country under consideration. It serves for the moment to know that it is South America. That’s a big place. An email to me will provide deeper particulars, if I happen to know you. If I don’t, I regret to say that a vetting process will exist, given the nature of the beast still operational- but not for long we hope. Have no fear, if you are not of that persuasion there will be only brief hesitation. We’ll put salient details up as they become pertinent.

Under consideration are 3 parcels. Primarily we are focusing on one parcel that is comprised of 70 hectares for 50,000 dollars.

We’ll try to post unlabeled pictures of the land as they become available to me.

Okay, I’ll turn it over to the readers and you can chime in as you may be inspired to do.

Visible sings: Walk Across the Bridge by Les Visible♫ Walk Across the Bridge ♫
Lyrics (pops up)

Clarification for those who need it.

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

May your noses always be cold and wet.

I didn’t want to have to write this but it appears that I do. I won’t speak on my own behalf. I don’t feel like I have to because I already have and I told the truth. If you need more truth, I suggest you contact any or all of these three men:

…and they will tell you how I was when I was in India and they will tell you what they witnessed concerning me and Steven Padget. These are honorable men and they do not lie. The first two were my landlords during the second month of my stay and the last one is my rickshaw driver. If you have questions then ask them. If not, move on with me and let’s continue as we have.

I will be happy to answer any questions in the comments section.



Spiritual Survival in a Temporal World; a Random Chapter.

{this is a sample chapter, written today, for the upcoming book, “Spiritual Survival in a Temporal World”; still waiting on the motivation to Profile the Rothschilds, while also waiting on a particular event that hasn’t surfaced yet. It wasn’t pinpointed in the first place; just a general but relatively specific time period. I was wondering about what to write today and it so happens that another event brought this post into being}

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

‘May your noses always be cold and wet’

Survival is a state of mind first and the result of the right information at the right time as well. It’s also a matter of Karma and one should never think of the outworking of Karma as bad. Karma has a lot to do with letting go and getting the lesson that certain experiences arrive to teach you. If you get the lesson ahead of time, then it is so much the better. You might want to think about that a little.

Yesterday I was in a local supermarket, part of a chain that competes with a much better chain, that I have the misfortune not to have present in my town. It’s not a far drive but I am often about expedience, given the reduction of hours in the day. Yesterday I bought some black plums that were 99 cents for the bag. I noted the cashier charged me 1.29. I pointed this out to her and she got up to go check the sign. I said, “It’s not important, this is just for your information”. This is not the first time this has happened in this store and I think it is company policy. They do this and when they get caught they want you to know it’s just one of those mistakes.

Today I went in to buy some Aubergine. That’s eggplant in American. The price was 1.99 a kilo. I had only so much change in my pocket so I took two and weighed them and it came to 1.16 kilos. I reckoned that would come to about 2.30 and with a couple of other items, I figured I had exhausted my available revenue. At the checkout counter, the woman charged me 1.46 for the Aubergines. My ordinary language skills are not the best and I didn’t want to get into a protracted exchange, so that they would get what they were asking. I just chalked it up to the universe. Over time, they still owe me more than that (grin). I certainly got my 30 cents back from the day before.

It was clear to me that the cosmos wanted me to see this happen on these two separate days, because I almost never look at the LED readout of items, as they go across the scanner. I don’t operate like that.

When my friend Glenn visited me last year, we went into that store and also the high end store at the other end of town. Each time we went through the register, there were events that were off the charts, as far as what you might ever expect. At the high end store, the cashier scanned an item, it recorded and then he looked up at me and asked, “What does this cost?” Glenn said that he would go and check. He went over to the juices and then wrote down the number on his wrist and showed it to the cashier. The cashier said, “Okay” and that was that. It made no sense whatsoever. At the other store, something even more complicated and inexplicable happened and Glenn was at the cash register for ten minutes, while the cashier counted all the money in the drawer. Meanwhile, I was out side and I had to use the toilet with extreme urgency. Finally I hot-footed it up the road to the house and completed what was necessary with seconds to spare. That anecdotal addition on the end is not necessary to the tale, I don’t think. Anyway, there it is.

What we call the material world seems to operate according to consistent patterns. Usually what you expect to happen happens. It’s all routine. You might have a pleasant or unpleasant experience but the money exchange feature is usually normal, or what passes for normal these days.

While preparing the Aubergine for an anti-pesto platter, a singularly large and fat slice jumped out of my hands and continued to get away as I danced with it. Then it hit the floor and rolled across the room right on to an untidy dog rug in the corner. I felt the surge of anger that wanted to break free and I realized that this was the reason for the event. I had no reaction at all. I retrieved the slice and carefully cleaned it and tossed it into the sauté pan. Every day we encounter things like this.

Wherever we go in this world there is stress awaiting our appearance and looking for an avenue of expression. During these times, forces in the material world are doing everything in their power to reduce the quality of life and to humiliate and oppress the public at every turn, while agents of these forces enrich themselves at the expense of the public they are mistreating. It has reached the theater of the absurd. Terrorists, who are no more than agents of your own government, have engineered tragic and ridiculous events in order to force you into unpleasant circumstances, while intentionally ratcheting up anger and animosity toward the Muslims and others.

You know that you are being shortchanged and stolen from at every turn and it makes you angry and frustrated and that’s the point. That is the very point, because the seemingly powerful agencies who are putting you through this, are themselves working for a consciousness that has been around a long time and which specializes in anger; despair, torment, want, loss and a gamut of injuries. The point of this is to take your mind off of your natural autonomy and freedom and to put your mind on thoughts of confinement, fear, outrage and a further gamut of such states of being.

The true intention of the forces, looking to make you insecure and suspicious of everything around you, is to take your attention away from the portals that are opening and away from the benefits of awakening. Awakening is not just about people being forced to see. It is about being made able to see yourself and others as you truly are.

You find that when you just wholesale reject the lies and pressures of those seeking to perform all manner of indignities upon you, that they lose their power to do so. You find that stores give you back your money and that money finds a way to appear when you need it. You find that what seems so normal and predictable can suddenly turn into awe-making and entertaining events. You find that you are given tests and opportunities to overcome the usual responses of your reactive mind and are then freed, by degrees, from the reoccurrence of these responses. Still the reactive mind and you are free.

I know it looks like some very bad people are in control of everything but that is an illusion that exists for those with the will and capacity to believe in them. They’ve got nothing. They’re trying to rattle your cage but you have the keys. Let them rattle an empty cage. When people suddenly come out of nowhere and impugn you or behave in a negative way, take the opportunity to be graceful and see what it gets you. Don’t argue about anything. Simply state your case and then leave it in the hands of the cosmos. It’s all happening for a reason. There are no accidents. There are only the degrees of your inability to see and this is caused by residence in the cloud of self-interest. You don’t have to be looking out for your interests all the time. Your interests are being looked out for. You assume that responsibility and you will get that responsibility.

The difference between the trusting nature of a child, who is always learning and who naturally understands, the only unified field reality anyone needs to know and that of an adult, who knows everything, most of which is wrong, is considerable and so are the pains and rewards. You are the victim of what you think you know and what you think you know is mostly based on what the world tells you and those things that happened to you via telepathic invasion, when you were too small to protect yourself, which is how you got out of childhood in the first place. Once lies are seated in the subconscious, they become real… as far as real goes. The weeds grow among the flowers and require an attentive gardener.

Survival has a lot more to do with perspective and perception than it has to do with apprehension and presumptive preparations. For most people, the preparations are going on in the wrong theater of being but that is because their being is outside of its natural house of residence. Every problem can be solved, the way knots untangle at the hands of the one who understands how they got made. The last person I would ask for advice would be myself, seeing as I am the one who got me into that position, or someone else who appears to be trapped some other way and thinks they are free.

End Transmission…….

Visible sings: God in Country by Les Visible♫ Pure Sweet Love ♫
‘Pure Sweet Love’ is track no. 8 of 11 on Visible’s 2001 album ‘God in Country’

God in Country by Les Visible

In Hopes of What We Wish we had Seen Elsewhere

Dog Poet Transmission…….

Alright… I don’t have any money but I manage all the same. People threaten to send me money and some promised me this or that but it got forgotten because it’s the thought that counts (grin). This isn’t any kind of an appeal, I expect to eat today and I am sheltered in more ways than one. What this is about is part announcement and part definition of intent, related to upcoming releases soon to appear.

Through the blessed agency of some wonderful people, whose names will surface as the projects advance, we are in the process of releasing something like eight books, already projected; in paper, digital and whatever other medium there may be over the next few months. These projects are in active commission as I write these words. Also coming are digital reproductions of TV shows, music/songs, the works of Patrick Willis in collaboration with me and various and sundry.

These things will generate some income. I have no idea of how much but if the free downloads of things already provided are any clue then there should be some return. I suspect it will surprise me at some point and justify the efforts of those selfless and beautiful individuals who are making it happen on their own dime (for the moment).

You can see some part of the operation here as it evolves.

Money is funny and anyone who tells you different hasn’t had the experience of having to wrestle with this extremely powerful source. The only sure way to protect yourself is to arrange what to do with it before you get it. I don’t know that I would be concerned with this if it weren’t for The New Shangri La. As you can see, we’ve not nearly so many members as it once appeared we did. An industrious soul has purged the ranks in order to protect the location and I suspect, along with the robot spammers, a lot of actual members got purged too and just haven’t come back; mostly because people don’t want to be involved in making something come into being, as much as they want to arrive with it already in action.

Everyone is welcome to set up a New Shangri-La wherever they are, so, I have no real concerns about membership apart from whatever may come into being where I am. Where I am I do have concerns and I’m not going to engage with anyone I don’t feel secure about. I intend to finance my end of the equation and I think that gives me a certain right to guarding the door. After all, this is to be a template for others, wherever they may be, as an example of how to go about it. I believe I have the right ideas and I believe that those presently engaged with me in its creation also have some great ideas. I have already heard about some of them.

So, it is my intention that any money which comes in shall be divided a certain way from the gitgo. This is all after initial expenses, which I intend to honor at a percentage of intake as we go. You can’t just pay all the expenses first because then there is no operating capital. You can be consistent and that is the intent here. The breakdown is that 30% of everything that comes in shall go to the creation of The New Shangri La, for the present it is intended to be based somewhere on the German side of Bodensee Lake. The Austrian side is okay too. We just don’t want to be in Switzerland unless someone outright gives us the property there. 30% goes to worthy projects and to those who have helped in on the way to making me and these projects happen. 30% goes to me and ten percent is mad money for whatever; probably for gatherings, get togethers at Kumbhamela-like events, plane tickets for the needy, fun things and whatever. The influx of monies will be monitored by individuals other than myself and separate banks accounts and Paypal accounts are being set up for these endeavors.

I hope no one objects to my getting 30%. That’s not negotiable (grin) but I don’t really hoard or get into much gratuitous activity. I’ll probably spend it like it all gets spent.

The New Shangri-La is going to start out small with selected individuals and from there it will operate with probationary terms for everyone else. In other words, we’re not putting together a crash pad. People can come as guests without any real difficulty. Staying requires acting at the level of energy and involvement of the committed.

The general rules will be of the timeless variety and anyone who objects to them doesn’t want to be with us anyway, or the human race in general. Projects of this nature often fail by trying to accommodate everyone; providing an anarchistic freedom that they can just as well practice on their own, which is what I think that means to begin with.

We are setting the whole thing up as some permutation of a non-profit trust so that people can give us things and there are billions out there sitting around that are not being used due to hoarding and some variation on the theme. You can see what happens when you promote total human freedom, especially sexual, in the case of Bhagavan Sri Rajneesh, who had around a hundred Rolls Royce’s and hundreds of millions given to him by hedonistic trust funders. I know there are a lot of people that are fond of the guy and this is not meant as a criticism. I don’t know how much of all this had to do with Ma Sheila Prem and how much to do with The Raj but it did happen.

What I remember are all the guys running around with machine guns alongside the Rolls as Bhagavan would drive away and the 50 gallon, burning oil drums for condom disposal. I recall the shaking in your seat, quasi-ecstatic kundalini arousal methodology that was more amusing than anything else and hearkened in it’s way to tent revival meetings.

The truth is, whenever you make sex a hallmark of your operation and toss in freedom under the guise of some kind of pop spirituality, you are not going to lack for donations or an audience. Sex is at the basic root of all human interest and problems along with money and fear of death. I can just hear the justifications coming in from various sources concerning The Raj but they will fall on deaf ears, the same way as what I am saying here will.

The greatest girlfriend I ever had was a Raja-Nietzsche. She was my star crossed soul mate and I will always love her for being there in the years of my deepest need on so many levels. Interestingly, I met her when she was fourteen at a Sufi ashram and then we re-encountered a few years later, out of the blue. I didn’t even know who she was; blew my mind. We were mostly inseparable for five years and I learned to appreciate certain aspects of The Raj through her. Her name was Svargo and I do indeed owe her a great deal. She falls into that second 30% if it ever shows up (grin).

We’re not going to be selling sex at The New Shangri-La or even promoting the free dispensation of it. We’re not going to be telling you what to do about it either, except for those eternal rules already mentioned. Money will not come so easily to us as a result. I’m not going to be sitting on a dais in white robes either but I will probably wind up doing a little Stephen Gaskin, Monday night talks sort of thing, now and again; probably all by myself in a room talking to myself with the door open, just like I do here. Informality and simplicity are the keys, along with natural autonomy. If you don’t like it, start your own. What we will have is a fellowship of equals without the usual flacks that stand between you and whatever and decide who goes where and who sees who.

I hope this has been useful to any who are interested and I hope to see you there WHEN it happens, which it will. I don’t know if we will call it The New Shangri-La, or Casa Amitabha or The Portal to The Devic Realm, Kennel of The Dog Poet (probably not-grin) or Joe’s Place; absent Joe. We’ll call it something and we’ll work hard and play hard and have fun at both ends. I’ve been there and seen it and I know it’s doable.

Alright then, let’s see what you have to say.

End Transmission…….

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Spiritual Survival in a Temporal World, Chapter 13.

It has been awhile since I put up another chapter in this online book. The reason is that the site which has been hosting it has not been responding to my emails; more than half a dozen of them and I wasn’t going to put another one up there unless I heard back so… here is a new blog which will feature chapters from the various books I am writing. I’ll migrate the other chapters here over time and here is where you will find them for the moment. This is not what I had in mind for this blog but it will do for the moment.

There’s a debate on at one of my websites about whether one should arm themselves to the teeth or trust in the benevolence and protection of a God who doesn’t seem to have done much about the pervasive emerging evils of our time.

It might be best to define how the divine operates and the mediums employed on certain occasions. You’ll note that this does not require defining what the divine is. That is unknowable. We can observe the way water and fire behave and control it for our needs. We have also seen both water and fire get out of control. The same can be said of earth and wind. Each has their assets and calamities.

In humanity we can see similar features based on ignorance or awareness. It’s been the trend among leaders and those who manipulate the herd for profit that they seek to increase ignorance and limit awareness. They like to take the basic impulses toward religion and morality and interpret them in a confusing and absurd manner which provides the opportunity for everyman to be a little dictator and oppressor of those around him. They also like to corrupt the appetites and desires of the herd. You can look around you right now and see what I’m talking about in every respect.

Like elements that get out of control for whatever the reason may be; wildfires in California, tsunamis in Asia, earthquakes in South America or hurricanes in the Caribbean; the same can be said for different populations and collectives of particular fundamentalist ideologies. The same can be said for particular political ideologies and for most idiot-ologies that are manipulated by leaders and those who profit from the runoff of what is stolen from people because of their obsessions and ignorance. It’s a vicious cycle and this cycle can be seen in Nature and in human affairs.

I tend to believe that Nature mirrors the state of humanity. There are (rare) times when humanity lives in accord with Nature and balance is maintained. There are (less rare) times when humanity dominates and corrupts Nature and what you see in the mirror is something twisted out of its natural appearance. Teachings that might mean one thing in their original intent are reinterpreted to mean something else so that those who profit from the ignorance of humanity might profit still more. This is how religions are turned into killing machines and how moral compasses are rendered incapable of giving true direction.

Let’s take for example the word ‘jihad’. To me this means an intentional and internal war to root out the evil and ignorance in one’s own being and thereby make one safe from the ignorance around them. This term has been given another meaning in these days by a portion of the followers of the religion to which the term applies and by those from other religions who want it to have that same interpretation so that those who profit from the ignorance of the masses might again increase their spoils.

Most religions, in their true intent, have to do with causing changes in the individual that will benefit them and those they encounter. What we see is that the teachings are changed from this and directed outward upon the world at large for the forceful subjugation of others to an ‘external’ force. The inner appearance of the divine is the divine in essence. The outer appearance is the devil. It’s the manipulation of appearances interpreted by sensory apparatus that is applied by those seeking to profit from the perversion of understanding. It’s a simple thing that becomes increasingly more confusing as you attempt to define and analyze it on the outside. “What’s puzzlin you is the nature of my game.”

If you believe that you must protect yourself from the outside against a threat from the outside then the weapons are implements of injury. The motivation for their use is manipulated by twisting true information into false information which is why the main stream media, political entities and houses of world religion are engaged in continuous lies whose purpose is fear and whose intention is to profit from the proliferation of it.

Ageless wisdom says that there is a power within you that is greater than anything outside of you. Ageless wisdom also tells you that this life is a never ending costume ball. It tells you that the life within you is eternal whereas the costume of any particular life is not.

So… should you get a gun and defend the homestead? Should you bow your head and offer your neck? I’ll try to put this into perspective and at the same time offer an explanation to someone who wanted to let me know that it’s all one and anything perceived in a dual sense is futile. I’m quite familiar with the Advaita Vedanta viewpoint. I’m also familiar with the self and its reflection and that the soul is a vehicle that contains the spirit. It’s all well and good to say that it’s all one but even in the saying of it the thing divides again. So I don’t spend much time wondering if this or that is better than this or that. I take it from where I am and that is about all I can manage. I’m not a scholar, I’m a mystic… or a fool if you prefer.

As I have said many times before; many ways up the mountain. It’s also possible to be the mountain and also possible to cast the mountain into the sea. It’s possible to mistake one mountain for another and it’s possible that anything is possible. If I get too involved in counting the angels dancing on the pin I might forget to smell the roses as I go so…

Here’s how I look at it. It’s ALL Karma… here. Where you are and what you are, is Karma. I’m going to make this simple. Your Karma is your movie. It is the role you find yourself in and the circumstances and environments that make up your role. So, you play your role to the best of your abilities. Some of us are set up to be Jessie James and some of us are set up to be Marshal Dillon. Some of us are meant to be poor and some rich and some are meant to be Elmer Fudd with an attitude problem. Your job is to convert what you’ve been given into the best expression that you can. The whole world is watching, even if you don’t think so.

You may need guns and you may not. You may dream of Peru and never go and you may live in Peru and hate the place. There is one thing you can do no matter where you are and that is to begin to act as if it were God experiencing it. When you do this, it is automatic that the shortest way out of your Karma will immediately be revealed. Whether you have the drive and intensity of focus to main it is another thing.

Everything in what is termed the external world is an implement of Karma. Your perception of what they are and what they do is an aspect of Karma. What you think you are is an element of Karma. It stands to reason that, if there is a God then that God is an aspect of you; or you are an aspect of it. So, the whole point of life is to discover the proper relationship between yourself and the divine, or to ignore it and get on with your personal dreams and demands or to shape the relationship so that it justifies the pursuit of your dreams and demands. You can complicate it with rationales and mumbo jumbo but it is one of these, one way or another.

So… do you need a gun or a knife? My take is, if you do you will have it but the idea that you can protect yourself when you are in a state of ignorance is not the best defensive posture. In scripture we are told, “If God is for me who can be against me?” Find God and you have the answer to everything.

Once you can see that life is a movie and that everything is under control, there is no enemy. The enemy is your mind. There is a film called “Jacob’s Ladder” that makes the point very well. We’ll talk more about these things in the next chapter.

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