Checking in and Out. October 2, 2016

Greetings, my dear friends.  I am somewhere in Kentucky as I write this. First I want to apologize for taking so long to give any kind of update. There has just been so much going on. We have met so many wonderful people from a drone savant on the verge of a huge breakthrough in his fortunes to a couple of backwoods hippie types who have so many talents between them that I was in a state of astonishment. Added to that was someone I have known for years who experienced a meltdown when I got in touch with him. No… his meltdown is not connected to my contacting him but it was a truly strange affair, given that he was one of my principal targets for interaction. I must say that it has been both marvelous and strange here in the early moments of this tour.

One of the reasons that I haven’t written anything is that I am not comfortable with being the primary focus of my postings. I must have been asked several dozen times to write my autobiography and I have so far demurred because I don’t find my life to be that important and as day follows day, the beauty and splendor of God reaches so far beyond my petty life that I just want to avoid myself. That, of course, is impossible because I am in the middle of it and now there is a journey taking place and I am in the middle of that too. It is very important that I communicate the understanding that I do not take myself seriously. That said, we’ll record events as they come about. I am very lucky with the friends I have since it is far more difficult for me to go off the rails than it used to be (grin).

In the process of this trip, any number of important questions come to my mind. Yesterday I was thinking about how people say God bless you when you sneeze. How come no one says that when you fart? It’s basically the same thing at the other end, isn’t it? Yes… such deep philosophical conundrums and concerns come to mind… heh heh. I just thought I would lighten it up a tad.

So far so good it is and I hope to get video operational shortly. My spy sunglasses no longer work and my camcorder is missing important accessories but I do have other options. This just means that you will see me talking to you but probably not what I am talking about. All things will come in time.

I feel like I wish I were not taking this journey. As good as it is and as wonderful as the people I have met have been, I am more and more motivated toward finding somewhere to hunker down. I am quite certain that some unpleasant events are going to take place shortly. It’s an election year and bad shit comes with the territory. This is also an election year further down the road than any other and the vicious nature of the campaigns is remarkable in a field of play where you expect that sort of thing to begin with. Mr. Apocalypse is afoot and there are no guarantees of anything anymore.

We should be halfway across the country by midweek and on our way back in a couple more. It’s all good at the moment but the things I am seeing are very weird, especially in the south with all those religious programs. Understand that I haven’t watched network TV in over 30 years but I am watching it here and there now and it is sometimes excruciating to see the people of this country reduced to the level of ignorance that they presently occupy. It is heartbreaking and yet… the people that I encounter, for the most part, are wonderful people.

I was in a store yesterday and I saw “Sweet Baby Jesus” beer. WTF? I asked the lady at the checkout counter about it and she said, “Yeah, I don’t like that at all.” I am thinking, “Why are they selling it”? I have seen so many strange things. I thank god for the friends I have that are attending this affair. It’s almost like having a babysitter but really, more like a protection detail running interference for me. Most importantly they are witnesses to what is being seen and demonstrated. We might be able to get into more details later as we get a little time under our belts. It is still a little disconcerting at this point.

We’re sitting in a motel room at the moment watching Julio Jones have a career day. I know many of you have no use for football. Fine. I have no quarrel with that. I only bring it up because there is this quarterback called ‘Cam Newton’ that I absolutely cannot stand because of his supreme egotism which I have never seen the like of in all my years of occasionally paying attention and he got hammered figuratively and literally today. So… I am pretty pleased.

Please forgive me for my poor writing today and my other attempts which you didn’t even get to see. This is a novel state that I find myself in and I am mostly occupied with paying attention to what is going on around me and less so upon those concepts with which I usually occupy myself. Maybe putting this up will help in terms of what follows.

End Transmission…….